‘The book with no name’


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‘The book with no name’

This is an idea I been shuffling around in my mind but its just raw inspiration at the moment, so I thought I would run it by you and see what we can make of it…

‘The book with no name’ is basically a holistic perspective generalising everything into a single theme or idea. It can be thought of as like a program that self writes, then we and all causal factors are like characters and aspects of the book. The concept behind the name is to highlight that it’s a story with no particular beginning middle nor end, thus it may not have a title. As the book writes itself and is written by all of us, the story if there is one will change continually within all possible perimeters, mostly we can see it as similar to notions like ’the forces of history’. in history you have sets of characters and events all creating an effect in the world, yet over and above those you have the net effect and no-one has a say over that.
No matter how great someone is or a set of events are, the gross forces are greater, the more definitive the thesis the greater the demand for an equal antithesis, the same goes with ideas as it does with events as the two are mutually inclusive.

The main functionality of the book is that it has a narrator, indeed multiple narrators. In meditation you can sit back within your mind and watch your narrator write pages of your book, we can visualise the better as with our dreams, where we are more like a casual tourist partaking in the event having little to do with what’s going on. Then in the everyday waking life your thoughts and actions interact with the narrator changing the composition, this we could call free will though it is limited. In fact there are no things in existence which are absolute or that have total effect, the story of life is a thus an universal composition of all effects.

If we now take what goes on in our minds to the universal level, we see that reality itself has a narrator. It evolves and is the reason for evolution on the universal scale, even though neither the book nor the narrator actually exists, though having said that we could describe entire reality as ‘The book with no name’. one may now be wondering ‘who writes the book’ who is its creator, yet there is no such thing, the book writes itself.

To understand how this works we need to jump out of our perceived linear reality, stand back and look at the whole. Analogously I would describe the whole as like a table and upon it there is a glass, the table is infinity the glass is existence, the two are the universal. All objects are the glass and all non objects are the table, there is no division betwixt the two, they are both the same thing, once being apparent and non apparent. This may seam like a contradiction but only because we must use language to define the book, yet reality is neither infinite nor finite, these are mere approximations as are any attributes or meanings we attempt to ascribe to it. ‘It’ is merely ‘it‘.

The book then is eternally unwritten and continually wrote, there can never be a time, place or state, without the book. In other words there can never be an emptiness alone [as the glass is contained within it], no nothingness nor a time when all things have come to an end. If we did reach such a place then history would not have happened, this cannot happen because in the grander scheme history is always there.
As there is no absolute duality nor division of any kind, we have a concept I will refer to as ‘the hall of echoes’, where each mind is like water in the glass ~ the mental within the material.

The mental state I would consider to be betwixt the glass and the table, neither existent nor non existent, not quite manifest nor un-manifest, and would see both the glass and the table as ultimately being made of water. Life and death are in the most simple context like the mental switching between state and statelessness, I will not at this point go into weather or not the switch can be re-operated that the mind can become manifest existentially over and over.
So why the hall of echoes; well when we look upon the waters, minds are something like droplets upon their surface. All minds and all things are intimately connected by a universal communicative layer that could be seen as the sheen of the waters.
As like a voice can shout into a canyon producing many variations of its echo within range, ones conscious narrator [you] and subconscious narrator [as like the composer of ones dreams], can equally make effect upon the waters. In fact we and all things do this on an everyday basis, this we call coincidence. It is more than just coincidence alone as we the experiencer can listen to its returns and act upon them, equally one may remain silent and simply listen.
An experienced listener can hear ideas and make inventions, as notions may arise from the book itself as also from the effects of the narrators.

At any one time all that is known is necessarily present [for the same reason as to why history exists, or literally as history], this includes all ideas we have along with the net and gross effects of all things [the book with no name], this I consider as a given page in the book. To find such information we need ‘vehicles’ to find and traverse a route, as we may consider all these concepts as like locations on a map.

In essence we are all cartographers, and both readers and writers of the book. ‘Vehicles’ are rather ambiguous and the term may pertain to ideas in your mind that have correlations [echoes] in the waters [the hall].

One may think that there is a ‘way’ [the Tao] to all of this, yet; ‘all purposes are ultimately futile’, there are only multiple ways and any generalities of this are transient and vacuous.
So am I but I doubt if anyone will. I have been trying to think of some way to summarise the meaning but I think that only comes after the whole thing is received.

Such a book already exists....if one can call it a book....It has been called the book of Life, or the Akashic record.
We all have access to it at any time in any location.
The Universal Mind is basically analogous to the internet and you and each human are like wireless devices which can link up at any time anywhere.
But the extent of the data and the interface mode makes the internet look cumbersome and primitive.
We all add to the "book" even if we are completely unaware of doing so.
Your awareness or comprehension are not required.
Living pens of light we are, writing the story as we go.
Such a book already exists....if one can call it a book....It has been called the book of Life, or the Akashic record.

Yes I know of the hindu concept, I expect the idea went in there somewhere. There is more too it than that though.

Your awareness or comprehension are not required.

They are narrators too though. ...all things have an effect.
Yes I know of the hindu concept, I expect the idea went in there somewhere.
You know OF it, but what you are looking for with this idea is to know it, to experience it.
There is more too it than that though.
There I will respectfully disagree. You know not what you say. There is no greater than that (it is beyond words to explain) and when you experience it, you will agree.
Well we disagree then shawn, I think this concept goes way beyond knowledge and is a whole view not just an aspect of a view.
I think you are just not seeing what it means.
Maybe distill your idea down into point form or something which helps another to get it.
I wish I could, but I could write a book on it, but then if someone else did I would condense it down to my op. I don’t really know any other way of saying it.

Its not just about info though, it takes the whole of the reality map and visualises it according to the ancient storytelling tradition in druidry.

...i'll try to think of something, but i can get much smaller than the glass n table analogy. :)
Here's my own idea:

The book is the ultimate reality and is "5-dimensional" comprising 3 dimensions of space, one dimension of time and one dimension of basic awareness.

Our current reality is part and parcel of the ultimate reality. Our current reality comprises all the experiences of everyone, where there is the seeming causal connection of each and every thing. A thing here can be either some thing mental or some thing material.

A mental thing would be a projection from the "5th dimension" into the "4th" through a non-zero part of the awareness axis. A material thing would be a projection from the "5th" to the "4th" "dimension" through the zero point of the awareness axis.

Our current reality is a relative reality in the sense that all that we experience arises in dependence of some other mental things and/or material things. The narrators of the book would be the mental things and the stories of the narrators would be the interactions between mental things and mental and material things. It is experientially real but ultimately not real because no phenomenon in this relative reality is independent of any thing.

How does the relative reality arise from the ultimate reality? Here, the assumption is that the ultimate reality is by nature dynamic/spontaneous in projecting various combinations of relative realities. Most of these would be unstable. When a stable one comes along, it gives rise of our current reality or something similar. A stable relative is one where the interactions among the mental and the material is self-sustaining through some conservation laws e.g. the conservation of material energy and the conservation of mental (karmic) energy.