Hey Brian, do you want war?

I'll leave this up as a testament to the general crap we sometimes get around here. In this instance, a Neo-Nazi who thought maybe CR should be a platform for hate. When refused, he tried to flood the board with repeated messages. This is the form without the long vitriolic content, and everything else is binned.

We get them every other week. 2 weeks ago it was a shrieking "modern-day Prophet" from California. This week a Neo Nazi from Belgium. Next - who knows? But we'll get them, you can be sure - a whole procession of colourful people who think that CR should be their personal playground.

Some people think that attacking forums, forum members, and forum staff, is a fun and easy job. It may be on other forums. But this forum software is powerful stuff - it has a rather powerful engine in the back room, that allows for the most amazing range of options to be implemented.

And, of course, there is a whole set for keeping the trouble-makers out.

This software is very well set up for controlling trolls. Flooding doesn't work very well, because the software will not allow quick successive posting. And user posts can be moved en mass for deletion.

Either way, trolls get banned. If they sign up with a second alias, they simply get IP banned. There is the option to ban IP ranges as well.

CR is structured around providing a free and respectful place for interfaith dialogue. It is a resource for all who will accept that basic precept. For those who do not, they have no place here.

CR continues to expand - new Moderators were taken on this week, and no doubt others will be in future. More material and new features will be added soon.

We're already the largest site for religion resources in the UK, and we continue to grow.

The aims of CR remain civil and humble. Long may it staff remain so, for the benefit of this place, for all who wish to use it to enrich themselves.

Best regards,

LOL War? Kind of a grandiose term for messageboard spamming. Now Vietnam...eh, that was just a 'police action'.