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Spirit Awareness

My physical perceptions by default, have been tuned into a consensus vibratory spectrum. We (humans) all see within a certain range of color (light) & hear within a certain spectrum of sound waves physically. That is what my physical senses are tuned into, and what my physical perceptions pick up. But as I gained Self awareness, and the focus shifted from the base vibration of the body, then my "sixth" sense kicked in (label it what you like).

The idea of "other dimensional" spirits doesn't work for me for a simple reason. It would seem to me that no matter what form a thing would take, there are only 3 dimensions for an object: above/below, left/right, and front/back. Any object (or being) taking on a form - no matter how subtle - would only have the same 3 dimensions as I have.

These spirits in my perception should be existing in the same 3 dimensions as I am, but on a higher vibration. I can't perceive them unless I am in the least spiritual (astral) aware, and then I would only have a rudimentary communication ability at best. I think that that higher vibration is where I will enter when my body is shed at death. This is why I think they have more knowledge of me then I have of them. They know that they have been here, and haven't reincarnated yet. Once incarnated, I would tend to forget pre-incarnation because of the physical demands and sensual (cognitive) limitations of the body I am birthed within.

Within human reality I perceive four levels of awareness:

physical > astral > mental > causal

Just as I have the same 3 dimensions as spirits do, they should have the same four levels of awareness as humanity does. The physical spirits become parasitic entities (appetite driven). The astral spirits become teachers/guides/protectors (emotionally driven). The mental level, like here (mystics, contemplatives, etc) become cave dwellers and interior explorers (so I would not be able to have much communication with that level). Then there are the causal level ones who are evolution driven. They would operate like higher neurons of an organism. I have been witness to all 4 types of spirits

So these spirits should not be from the future, or other dimensions, but are here now, on a higher vibrational plane of existance. As the causal aware ones are Self aware, they should not require re-incarnating. The lower levels there (exoteric awarenesses) appear to be still attached to our physical world's vibrational rate, but the higher levels (esoteric awarenesses) seem aligned with Self realization (not the body they left behind...including the big one called Earth).

The cell cannot be outside of the whole. The active principle (consciousness as a whole) appears to me to be evolving into this subtler vibrational reality, and the physical manifestation of itself is slowly becoming obsolete. In my perception the causal spirits are not what we are becoming. They are what consciousness already is manifesting as in this higher vibrational existence, and some people are being guided to that same Self awareness prior to their physical deaths here.

All the above is based on my contemplations - experiences of communication & relationship with the active principle that guides me since awakening (as well as five years communicating/working/removing physical, astral, and mental level spirits prior to my awakening). It will take more experiences and contemplation before I have a complete understanding of what I have been shown, because my perceptions may be erroneous even if the message was not.

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