Parallel Universes?


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The theory revolves around the idea that parallel universes are alternate realities to our current existence. Some physicists believe that there could be many parallel universes super-imposed in our space and time.

The belief in parallel universes is based on the phenomena observed in quantum physics where a particle can be in different places at the same time. There are also theories and equations that make sense only in the use of an analogy that parallel universes exist.

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics:

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle asserts that it is impossible to specify simultaneously the position and momentum of a particle, such as an electron, with precision. And to observe its speed and motion or its position destroys what we observe. Until it is observed, that particle exists in all its possible states, and perhaps there are parallel universes in which all these possible states actually exist.

"The Schrödinger’s cat in its box is either alive, dead, or in between. In this universe you would open the box and find the cat dead, but in parallel universes you would open the box and the cat would be alive or in between."

An article on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle:

The possibility of there being parallel universes leaves me to wonder about many things, one of which is the idea of reincarnation.

If we are simply tools or products of an "evolving god" our physical reality would be constant, at least until we evolve beyond the physical state. So we could be reincarnated, but could it be possible that in the event of death we simply pick up in an alternate reality? Or perhaps we are experiencing everything on many different levels within these alternate worlds at all times.

Many times, mediums who claim to channel the spirits of those who have died say that we continue on after death in an existence similar to what we experience now.

As with all spiritual concepts, there is no definitive proof of anything. I just find it all quite interesting. I’ve entertained the idea of there actually being parallel universes, but I’ve never considered it seriously until now.

Any thoughts on the subject?

Hi Vajradhara,

Thanks for the link. I have read quite a bit on the String Theory. It's too bad that Einstein died before it could be completed. With so many physicists
working on solving the puzzle, I have a feeling some great mind will eventually come along and solve it. There are some who believe that they have figured it out, but their solutions are not widely accepted.

I'm going to check out that link...

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Re: Parallel Universes? just some food for thought

The Frequencies of Consciousness and Reality

The nature of physical reality is far beyond the wildest dreams of most people. For in the cause and effect theory of the people, they do not consider intent. At first there was only consciousness, but consciousness had intent. Therefore, when the essence of consciousness thought, it had to think of something to manifest that thought and finally came up with the building block of hydrogen.

Intent IS the cause and effect because intent is what starts the energy going. Intent is the start of everything, even the firing of neurotransmitters. Intent is placed through consciousness and consciousness is this topic that challenges the world.

For most people, consciousness is how much aware are you of those things of life and love. However, consciousness is just the opposite of that. How much aware are you of the space around you? How much aware are you of those things which move your mind?

Move your mind you ask? Moving your mind is those things that make you go deep. Those things that make you sit and ponder for pondering is the essence of meditation. That is why it is so important to meditate. For when you meditate, you get the facts and conclusions of the universe at your disposal. Do you realize how valuable that is? Do you realize how many mistakes you can avoid? Well, it is at your fingertips and all you have to do is use it.

The intent of consciousness comes in like an idea. It pops into your mind when you least expect it. It is your reaction and further action that determines what will happen next in your life. And that is exactly how the universe was formed.

The universe as you know it, is not what it seems. It is a universe of one, in many. It is one universe with many solar systems in a universe of one in many. Because your universe was created by the masses of all the solar systems at one time, it is created and experienced by the masses simultaneously and all dimensions are experienced at once. That is why there is a horizontal energy field. This energy field is caused by the space between the dimensions where all excess negative energy is stored before being recycled back into the universe.

You are able to experience on multiple levels of consciousness just as you have several dreams occurring at the same time.

Think about a phonograph record. Imagine each song on the record as a lifetime, and all the songs (lifetimes) are playing at the same time. But because they each require a needle to play, the needle representing the frequency of the dimension being played, you can listen to only one at a time. If you had eleven needles, you could play the songs of all the dimensions at one time. However, the body in physical reality as you know it, can hear the song of only one dimension at a time. But in REM sleep, you can catch a glimpse of dimensions other than what you are living. You can glimpse all of the dimensions, if you desire to do so, but only in REM sleep unless you raise your frequency to that calibrated for each dimension. REM sleep provides insight to the soul as to all dimensions, for you have multiple simultaneous dreams every night. With the benefit of this knowledge, your soul’s growth experience is greatly enhanced. For with this knowledge, you enable yourself to avoid much pain typically experienced with soul growth. Because you will possess a greater knowledge base from which to draw from, you will make wiser, more intelligent decisions that will ultimately alleviate negative karma that one typically incurs by making poor choices associated with soul growth.

Although you think the multiple dreams you are having at night are occurring one after the other, they are not. You simply remember only those occurring during the period of your sleep you know as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. You may have ten dreams per night but only remember the various parts of dreams that occurred in REM sleep.

You only remember the dreams in REM sleep because REM sleep was designed so that the psyche could look into the soul if it chooses to do so. All of the information of all of your experiences is there within the soul. But not everyone is ready for all of the information at once, so it is given in the form of REM sleep.

When a soul is ready to view all of the information, it is available in the same way you receive all other intuitive information. The body has limitations and overloading it is one of them. The reason you yourself aren’t aware of the other things you are experiencing simultaneously is because you probably have problems with too much input as it is. How many times have you told your children to stop screaming and turn the TV off? God only knows what would happen if you were aware of all the things going on at the same time in the other realities. You would go over the edge. But for those ready to know, the information is there.

All dimensions contain negative energy remnants from thoughts and motive ill used. Since energy never stops it has to go somewhere so that is the somewhere. That somewhere is contained within the womb of God and is available to all for a manner which is appropriate. The energy is clean energy so to speak. It has great potential for mankind. It has the potential to move consciousness and mankind into the next millennium and save the earth at the same time. It can solve the rainforest issues, the water issues, the ocean issues. It can provide everything that is needed by the entire universe at one time. And that energy is: hydrogen.

The elements of space constitute eleven universes spiraling one on top of the other into what you would refer to as a vortex on earth. This vortex contains the womb of God which is that part of God you would describe as the part of reconstitution which means all things once used is recycled and used again in the mirror of the worlds used for some form or other of physical reality. Each to its own, distinct and different, yet the same. Distinct in that they are all vibrating at frequencies different from one another, some more dense and some less. The more dense frequencies being those frequencies seen by mankind. The higher frequencies being those that are of mind and matter invisible to mankind. Those higher frequencies being those things that vibrate at 600,000 hertz and above. It is here that mankind should be pursuing because it is here that the knowledge of all there is, is contained. Above 600,000 hertz is God force unequaled. Here the God force is pure hydrogen quivering with sound waves equal to none. Quivering like the pluck of violin strings by the anger of a hydrogen bomb. However there is no anger because hydrogen contains no emotion. The quivering is the consciousness of God released by intent. Intent that was manifested over ions of time by a desire to be. This intent is the source behind all there is, was and ever will be. With this intent you can manifest as the God force himself because you are the same God force, contained.

The background of intent is the consciousness atom, which is different from all other atoms because it has a nucleus that quivers unlike all other atoms. All other atoms have ellipses of matter that revolve around the nucleus. The consciousness atom does not have the other particles of matter. For this nucleus quivers at such a rate that matter is not needed nor used. It if had matter such as those it would quiver at such a rate that consciousness would be impeded and contained within the atom itself. As it is, consciousness exceeds thought by preparing the thought before it arrives. This is known as the consciousness of all there is. The consciousness of all there is, is not contained, but rather dispersed through the fields of electromagnetic energy with quantum speed. The consciousness atom is an atom that has been through light years of speed, preparing the way for mankind’s existence. If the consciousness atom had mass, then it would not be able to travel at the speed required for the intent to manifest. The nucleus is the smallest portion of the atom. It is not made of mass as your scientists think, but rather of thought and black matter with simple vibrations. There is no mass, but rather vibrations of black matter. These vibrations of black matter contain specific signals which are carried through the shape of the vibration’s wave. These signals get their information from all of mass consciousness about what is supposed to be next. It is the combined forces of thought from all of existence.

It is the intent of the creator that there be 11 parallel universes right now. People confuse universes with dimensions. Universes are the thing with boundaries. Dimension are the frequencies between those boundaries. There are as many dimensions as there are grains of sand, but the boundaries that contain those dimensions are as limited as a record album, for you see, they are quite similar. They are similar in that the frequencies never change – only those things that pass thru the frequencies. Frequencies are vertical and horizontal lines of energy that pulse with the breathing of the universe as a whole. The higher up the ladder of frequency one goes, the more still the pulse of energy. Much like a fan. The faster the fan blows, the more still the whir. You know, much like the flapping of a chicken’s wings compared to the whir of a hummingbird’s wings.

Now, the higher you go up the ladder, the less of a physical body you have. For those of you that don’t understand, look at the difference in the skin of a horny toad compared to the skin of a human. The human’s electromagnetic field vibrates at a much higher frequency so it is less dense. This does not mean that the horny toad does not have consciousness, but that its consciousness is within a different dimension. That is why a horny toad and a human cannot communicate. You will not teach a horny toad to respond to YOUR intellectual stimulus, but YOU can OBSERVE the frequency of the consciousness of the horny toad’ existence. See how I say “observe”? Observe is all you can do, you cannot interact on an intellectual level. For interacting would be frustrating for you and yet go completely unnoticed by the horny toad. That is about as simple explanation as I can give to describe the difference in dimensions and distinct, separate universes. That is also the reason why many people cannot see eye to eye. They reside in different dimensions. When people reside at different dimensions, they exist at different levels of consciousness. That is why it is like talking to a telephone pole when you talk to some people. And why some people think you are a know it all. The person at a lower vibration does not experience what the person of the higher vibration experiences, but the person at the higher vibration knows what the person of lower vibration experiences. “Been there and done that, lol”. In essence, one knows what the other does not and the one that does not, does not know it. It is funny actually to watch the interaction, knowing both.

You live in them all – all eleven at once, can see them all, but you cannot interact with them all without changing frequency. The purpose and goal of changing frequency is to observe more and interact less. To simply “be”. Interacting means there is some sort of groveling going on. Groveling with the sustenance of life or the groveling of emotions. You think that horny toad has emotions? Not! It has instinct. The two are uniquely different, yet the same. They both accomplish the same goal, but one is more fun than the other. The higher the frequency, the more fun. Now, for the big question… what is fun? Fun is the gaining of spiritually enlightening knowledge through experience. You ride a roller coaster through the air with great exhilaration or you ride through the haunted house with fear. Well guess what people? The fear of the haunted house cannot be felt while experiencing the exhilaration of the roller coaster in the air. Just think about it. It simply cannot be felt for the exhilaration of the speed of the roller coaster changes your frequency to that of excitement and glee. While the haunted house causes you to cringe and knot up with fear. It lowers your frequency as you withdraw from physical reality into self. Self is that place you go when you have no where else to go. The respirations slow down, the pulse soars and the heart is deprived of oxygen because it is being flooded with fear. It constricts is vessels to keep out any possible negative emotions. So you see, that is lowering of frequency. Someone can watch you go through those changes, but could not begin to explain them to you for it is an observation not of words. Know what I mean jelly bean? Of course not, because jelly beans are in a different frequency and maintain no consciousness at this point.

to be continued in next post
Re: Parallel Universes? just food for thought

Now, each dimension of the universe is simply a different combination of atoms, the combination of the atoms determines the frequency. Therefore, if you have eleven levels of consciousness as Dr. David Hawkins states, then you must have eleven parallel universes, interestingly as Dr. Edward Witten has set forth, each with its own set of dimension based reality.

As for me, I know nothing about physics, but I would like to share with you my findings as they have come to me.

(1) Reality as you know it is but one plane of existence and consists of earth and all that is three-dimensional.

(2) The next plane beyond the physical would be what you consider to be the plane wherein discarnate souls reside before they are able to ascend. There is no ascension attached to this level. This level is not much different from the earthly plane except that you don’t inhabit a body. All your thoughts and emotions continue to exist. At this level, there are no physical boundaries and there is no physical body.

(3) The next plane is the causal plane of existence. It is an advanced plane, also known as the teaching plane. It consists of what you would understand to be the level of wisdom and higher learning of spiritual awareness. It is where the consciousness of mankind reside.

(4) The next level is the level of recovery from the physical plane. This level is for cleansing souls of negativity that they took on during the physical lifetime. This is not a level of ascension, but a level for healing purposes only.

(5) The next level, the level of intelligence and integrity, is attached to ascension. You would understand this level as mass consciousness. Although this level is experienced in physical form utilizing a body, here it is experienced with much greater intellectual capabilities. The beings on this level are more evolved than human beings. They communicate entirely by telepathy and do not have the food requirements of human beings. There sole source of food is energy in the form of electromagnetism. The reality of this dimension is also different in that it is multi-dimensional, meaning it has more than six dimensions. Souls who reside here have completed at least three of the seven levels attached to ascension.

(6) The next level, also attached to ascension, is the level of loss and deprivation. A soul spends time alone learning and feeling the experience of a void universe and experiencing the total lack of love. This reality is not a physical reality but one of pure energy. A soul cannot exist without love and therefore the learning process is short. It takes about two years of time as you know it. A soul cannot bear much more than this without withering and dying, having to start the process all over. Because a soul’s sole source of food is love, it cannot do without love for much longer than this. This is the hardest type of love to experience in that a soul has to find love for itself in a universe void of all it recognizes and associates with love. In other words, the soul is all that will reside in the void universe and must learn to love itself without direction. The soul has to depend on itself to teach itself to love.

The soul has the knowledge that its objective is self-love. It has only to find love in a state of complete aloneness. The soul has to ultimately realize that it is all there is and that it contains the ability to manifest love in any form it needs. Once it realizes this, the soul can manifest a complete world if it desires to do so.

That is the nature of a void universe—to fill the universe with love as the soul defines that love. You can compare this to what God originally experienced in the beginning except this love is experienced by the single soul. It is not experienced as a physical reality, but through thought processes alone, much as a dream.

(7) The next level you would understand to be the level of the progression of will. This level, also a level of ascension, is not a physical reality but a level of thought and outcome. A soul must think of a scenario and experience its outcome as if it were actually experiencing it. This takes place in the fashion of simulation within the confines of the soul’s existence. This simply means that the soul will experience alone, without the consequences involving others.

The level of the progression of will is designed to establish a great growth of knowledge for the soul’s repertoire of experiences of love and emotion. Without this knowledge, a soul would not understand the oneness of God and all there is. This level is hard to endure because there is no one involved in the scenario with whom to share your shortcomings

The level of the progression of will helps souls fully understand the power of free will. Free will is not all there is, but rather what it is not.

In this dimension, the soul lacks the luxury of free will and has to learn to develop free will over a period of repeated experiences.

Well, for example, a soul will be told it has to do a certain thing and the soul wants to do that certain thing because it was told to do so. It is much like a computer. The soul must ultimately figure out that the things it is being told to do are not always in its best interest. It has to learn to love itself enough to develop the will to object to those things it does not feel are in its best interests. These things are all experienced in a form somewhat like simulation.

It is somewhat like the simulator of the Chevy Show at Six Flags where you feel like you are driving an airplane or racing over a mountain in a car. Or perhaps playing a simulation game on a computer. Computers are a form of simulation. The soul does not actually inhabit a computer but uses such a device to effectuate the experience. It will all make sense as your understanding of the multiple dimensions grows. The experiences gained through the simulation process are all felt by the soul as if the experiences were its own.

(8) Because the previous level leaves a soul emotionally dead, so to speak, the next level is another level of healing. It is not attached to ascension.

(9) Next is the level of learning to face God and become one with everything, also a level of ascension. A soul must learn to combine what it is with everything that is. This is not as easy as it sounds. A soul will resist departing with who it is and must endure the hardships associated with that.

This is not a physical plane as you know it, but it is a physical plane in a sense. A soul is tied to physical reality as it relates to free will. It behaves as if it is a single unit, though it is not. On this level, the experience is that of a mass consciousness experiencing itself united as one. In order to be one with God, a soul must let go of who it is and be one with all there is. A soul carries an identity throughout its existence and it is hard for the soul to release this identity of itself as a single unit.

(10) At the next level, the level of purification, all negativity is cleansed before the soul ascends to be one with God and all there is. There is no ascension attached to this level, as it is a level purely for spiritual cleansing.

On this particular level, electromagnetism is used to remove all negative particles of energy in the form of electrons that remain in the soul’s essence. These particles are particles of electrons that have remained within the soul due to hate and lack of love.

Electromagnetism can actually be used on earth to remove negativity. However, it must be used at a certain frequency to accomplish the results sought. The wrong frequency could cause devastating effects on mankind.

(11) The next level, which is attached to ascension, is the level before uniting with the oneness of God.

This last level is the level of allowing a soul to experience somewhat the feeling of the oneness to help determine if the soul is truly prepared to reunite with the Oneness of the Ultimate Energy of all there is. This level allows a soul to observe from a distance the Ultimate Energy of all there is.

A soul knows if it is ready to reunite because it can feel the energy of the Oneness and if its energy properly resonates with the Oneness, it is ready to reunite. If it does not properly resonate, it must figure out what it lacks and return to the appropriate level of learning for the knowledge it needs to reunite. The soul will know if it is ready or not by the frequency of light it emits from its being. If it is not ready and attempts to reunite, it will be extinguished and have to start the process all over again, for the energy of God is great.

Being extinguished would not be a punishment but a consequence, two distinctly different things. The soul knows beforehand that it must be prepared for reuniting. God doesn’t extinguish the soul; the soul extinguishes itself by attempting to join an energy greater than its own, much like trying to burn a piece of wood in the heat it takes to heat a piece of steel. Obviously, the wood would burn up long before the steel even began to get hot.

Reuniting with the oneness is a three-step process. First, the soul agrees to reunite and lose its identity of self. Next, the soul loses its ethereal body and the knowledge of all that was and accepts the knowledge of all that is. Lastly, it combines itself with the ultimate energy as one. A soul cannot retain its knowledge of its singular experiences and be one at the same time. It has to receive the knowledge of all there is.
Re: Parallel Universes? food for thought last one, lol

Lifetimes on earth are probably the easiest of all lifetimes because the remaining lifetimes are geared toward advanced spiritual growth. However, life on earth is also the most emotional experience of all the dimensions because of the physical aspect of touch and sexual intimacy.

You manifest your own physical reality, and love in the physical reality (sex) is probably the most intense love you will experience. The actual experience of lovemaking is the most intense form of love within all dimensions. The act of love can be expressed in many ways, but the act of lovemaking is the most intense. The act of lovemaking without love attached is not what we mean; that is merely a sexual act. The act of expressing true love to a mate is what we mean. The act of expressing true love to a mate is love uncompared. True love is a most intense emotion. It is unparalleled in all dimensions and a sight to behold in the eyes of both mankind and God.

Let’s take Romeo and Juliet, for example. They loved beyond all physical means. They loved beyond all else. They loved with true intent to be together until the end of time. This is the kind of love of which we speak. Love of this nature exceeds all limits of physical reality. Love to this extent is love like no other.

Love in the multi-dimensional realities (meaning greater than six dimensions) is love experienced by all simultaneously. It is like the love you experience with your children. It is more of a compassionate, caring love than an intense emotion. It is more like feeding spiritual nutrition to the life of the soul. The soul in multiple dimensions simply needs love to exist and love is the only source of food needed by a soul.

The soul in multiple dimensions does not inhabit a physical body such as the bodies inhabited on earth. It lives in more of a mind-over-matter state, manifesting what it needs when it needs it. There is really no need for a physical body, though experiences can be experienced through a physical body if need be.

Imagine a soul living in a colony of thought. When it needed to experience something, the entire colony of thought would experience the experience. For example, if you needed to experience the taste of eggs, the entire colony would experience the taste of eggs. You would, of course, have a reason for the need to experience the taste of eggs. You would take that reason to the Council of Thought to have the experienced approved. Once approved, the Council would manifest the taste of eggs. That way it would be experienced by all with consensus. Separate thoughts do exist. They are just not manifested without consensus.

Other dimensions are far less emotional. Lifetimes on the other physical planes are more involved with the mass consciousness and lessons are learned differently. Life in other dimensions is experienced more as an understanding rather than an emotional involvement. On earth, there is more play and less seriousness and lessons are learned on an individual as opposed to mass basis. Though mass consciousness does exist and is utilized on earth. In lifetimes involving mass consciousness, lessons are experienced and learned collectively.

In mass consciousness, the elements of emotional pain are the same as they are for you on earth, but there is more wisdom available. Because the emotional pain is experienced by all, it is different than having to experience the pain alone. The emotional pain experienced in mass consciousness is more of a compassion and sorrow type of pain; you either knew or should have known that a particular behavior would result in a particular consequence. But because the initial problem was misdiagnosed, the entire consciousness would suffer. The lessons are also tolerated as one, so the results are experienced simultaneously by all. The entire population contributes knowledge and the decisions are made by consensus.

The after mass of the world trade center bombing is a classic example of mass grieving.

Mistakes are made by misinterpreting the actual problem. These lessons are more about the moral lessons of people’s needs. The lessons are for the benefit of all. Life without these lessons would be fruitless for the soul. A soul hungers for knowledge like a baby hungers for its mother’s bosom. Knowledge helps the soul ascend to the oneness of God and that is its whole purpose.

Mass consequences would be very much as if the people of the earth had one government without an appeal process so that any decision made by the governing body would affect the entire population.

So you see, it is your frequency that determines, which, or how many of these frequencies you experience at any given time.

Witten’s M Theory of the Unified String Theory supports the existence of eleven parallel universes, as do Hawkins’ levels of consciousness. Physics is a science that reflects the law of what is, as it relates to reality. It is the law of what is and the law of what will be. Physics is not only about computing numbers to assess equations but also about manifesting your reality as it relates to all there is and, of course, all there will be in the parallel universes. Physics is simply the application of imagination, free will and intent, limited only by your imagination and your limits to be.

Physics is always provable by computation, so how can you deny the existence of what is proven. If one has a computation available setting forth what we have told you, how can one deny what we have said? By the mere computation of a math problem, you can piece together the facts of what we have said, for physics has no objective except to reflect what is. It has no ego to inflate and no personality to boost in the eyes of man. It simply is what it is.