"Acid-Alkaline PH balance" = legit logic to Health

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Your Cousin Bhaktajan, the HARE KRISHNA chanting vegetarian devotee says:
Acid-Alkaline PH is the legit logic to be vegetarian; and
the legit logic the stop obesity; and
the legit logic to preventative cures; and
the legit logic to true cause of 99% of illnesses.

See the link below to a forum site where I posted a collection of writings on this topic.

Also, please review the Graphic that shows the pH-Level measurements —and thus relationship of Water/Blood/Milk in-contrast to substances like Chlorine versus Sulfuric-acid.

The kidneys, liver and lymphs all neutralize the acidic state of the blood stream —along with urine & bowel elimination —the breath and the skin also rid the body of toxins that "Make the body Acidic if they are not eliminated".

The nuetralisation of the Blood's pH is simply done with Alkaline minerals [hence the metabolic enzymes] such as calcium, potassium et Alum —yet a fast-food-esque diet life-style will leach out all the stores of alkaline mineral (and necessary acidic mineral too) thus leaving the body with out the ability T.O. regulate the pH-levels in the body & blood —thus, illness, fatigue, obesity, brain-fog, osteoporosis —this is the underlying common-factor in 99% of ailments.

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Below are some notes on the topic of "Acidity vs Alkalinity" in regards to the Body health or Everything you ever wanted to know about the "pH-Scale":

It is very important to have a chemical balance between these acid and alkaline conditions, both in the blood and in the tissues. The acid and alkaline conditions are opposites, and when they are balanced, they cancel each other out. However, it is easy for the body tissues to become too acidic, and this imbalance sets the stage for disease. In scientific terms, the acid/alkaline relationship is known as pH. The pH of the body has a profound effect on the inner environment and the microscopic organisms. The pH of blood and tissues should be approximately 7.3. The pH of saliva and urine should be 6.8 to 7.0. Acceptable medical lab parameters are 5.5 to 6.5 for the urine, but at 5.5 and 6.5 the urine is too acidic.

is to separate the alkalinity from the acidity. The acidity goes out through the urine. The alkalinity is bound by calcium, potassium and magnesium and taken back into the blood to neutralize acidity in the blood and tissues. When you over-acidify, you are stressing the liver, the kidneys and the bladder, and you run out of your alkaline reserves which are needed to chelate or bind these acids. Then you start getting localized problems.

These microscopic beasties get their energy from blood sugars which our bodies are supposed to be using, and they grow and multiply by eating our bodies' proteins. Their needs can turn into our cravings. One of the favourite foods of these microforms is sugar.

They thrive in a declining pH which is acidic, therefore requiring you to eat more pastas, grains, yeast-containing breads, potatoes and especially high fructose fruits and juices, and more sugar in any particular form. Fruit is good, but not in a compromised biological terrain, so when you eat fruit it becomes a food for fungus and fermentation.

These microforms then poison us with their waste products. The waste products are acetylaldehyde, uric acid, alloxin, alcohols, lactic acid, etc. Chronic fatigue is the fermentation of our glucose in exchange for acids. These acids are known as acetyladehydes which are then broken down into secondary metabolites as alcohol.

The result is fatigue - I call it the drunkenness disease. You have just intoxicated yourself due to excess acidification and you have produced alcohol in your system. If you are suffering from lack of energy, all you have to do is change the biological terrain.

These organisms are indestructible - you cannot destroy them. All you can do is change their form, and cause them to retrograde. Bacilli literally evolve backwards out of that cycle when you change the biological terrain. We can control them by retrograding the yeast, fungi and moulds and their bacteria and neutralize their waste products through supplementation and diet. You do that by giving up the very foods that you crave.

These microforms of mould and fungus mixed with the blood cells can be seen through a microscope and these are found in both healthy and non-healthy individuals. Our bodies are moulding, rotting and basically hosting a parasite party. Actually parasites are the side effects of the more serious problem of over-acidification.

Why are you so concerned about parasites when you are being fermented or rotted by fungi and yeasts. I find less than 10% of people are infected with flukes or roundworms or flatworms, but I find 100% of the population infected with these higher development fungal forms in live blood analyses. I have yet to find anyone free of this.

Very few of us know that pleomorphic bacteria, yeast and fungus and their toxins are characteristically present in stored and fermented food. The following list of foods are high in pleomorphic bacteria, yeast, fungus and mould, and produce mycotoxins which cause specific diseases and should never be eaten.

Pig meat including sausage, bacon, salami and ham contain fungus associated with many cancers. Beef, lamb, chicken and turkey contain a variety of different fungi. You need to avoid all mushrooms. There is no such thing as a good mushroom.

Mushrooms disperse spores of fungus throughout the blood and tissues. Peanuts and cashews contain over 25 different strains of fungi. Dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice-cream, and butter contain fungi. Eggs, barley, corn, stored grains and cereals, and stored potatoes are fully colonized with fungi. Alcohol contains fungus. Tobacco contains yeast. Yeast in any form such as brewer's yeast or breads should not be eaten.

Sugar including honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, sucrose promotes the growth of pleomorphic bacteria, yeast, fungus and mould and suppresses the immune system response up to five hours.

Vinegar, caffeine in any form, and high fructose fruits acidify the blood and tissues. When you drink orange juice, the sugars in orange juice are released so quickly into the blood stream that they cannot be oxidized. Therefore they are fermented and the acids that are produced literally anaesthetize the immune system. It shuts it down for three to five hours. Apple juice does the same thing. The problem is excess sugar.

Grape juice and grapefruit juice are a little different. Apples, oranges, pears and bananas are more likely to be fermented. The banana get liver spots the same way you get liver spots, through excess fermentation and rotting. If you have spots on your hands, face or arms, if you have moles, these are toxins coming to the surface of the skin. These are acids. This is a manifestation of the one sickness.

You have to change the inner terrain, and if you do, these spots will either disappear or change in colour. Hydrogenated oils like margarine and shortening and vegetable oils interfere with normal biochemical processes and increase cholesterol, interfere with liver's detoxification system and interfere with essential fatty acid function.

We need to eat foods which will actually heal the body. We need to go back to the garden and eat live foods like leafy greens, foods which are high in chlorophyll. For breakfast I eat salad, for lunch I eat salad, and for dinner I have salad. What is good for dinner is also good for lunch, and what is good for lunch is good for breakfast.

You have to overalkalize the blood and tissues. You can freely eat dark green and yellow vegetables, root vegetables, freshly juiced vegetable juices, foods with high contents of chlorophyll, nuts like almonds or hazelnuts which are more alkaline. Almonds are high in oxygen especially after they have been soaked for 12 hours.

Sprouted grains and beans like alfalfa, mung beans, clover and radish, seeds, essential fatty acids from flax oil, borage oil, and virgin olive oil, soy products like tofu, grains from spelt, millet and buckwheat, herbs, spices, seaweed, lots of onions and garlic and distilled water. Fruits like avocados, lemons, limes and grapefruits are low sugar, therefore less likely to be fermented.

Obesity is thought to be a fat problem, but it is not. Obesity is the way your body reacts to indulgence of foods that create excess fermentation and acids. The fat is retained in order to bind the acidity somewhere away from the organs that sustain life.

If we didn't have fats in our diet, we would literally be destroyed by the very acids that we are poisoning ourselves with. When you try to reduce your cholesterol by using drugs, you set yourself up for a heart attack, because you have the acids without the fats and the acids will destroy the cells. Fats bind the acids and neutralize them to prevent them from poisoning the cells.

The same thing happens with calcium-blocker medications. In the United States, the FDA warns that if you take calcium-blockers, you are at risk for heart attacks. Why? Because if the body does not have sufficient fats to bind the toxins, it will use calcium to bind the toxins, and if you are blocking the calcium with medications, there is nothing to bind the toxins and you end up with a heart attack.

We have stones because calcium neutralizes excess acidity and stones are formed. Arthritis also occurs because calcium is being utilized to neutralize acidity. Sugar is metabolized by microforms, producing the acid, which is then bound by the calcium and we get calcium deposits in our joints. We also get calcium deposits in the brain or in the breast.

Calcium deposits always precede the tumour because it is the first line of defense in neutralizing over-acidification. Osteoporosis is a body response which occurs if there is not enough dietary calcium. It pulls calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidity. If we then take more calcium, as supplements, we get more calcium deposits, we get more stones, and we end up with breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Cancer is not a virus; it is an acid problem produced by a mould. It is an infection due to excess fermentation in the weakest parts of the body. What causes cancer in cigarettes is the yeast and sugar they use to accelerate the fermentation process in the tobacco leaves. Cancer is not a localized problem that is metastasizing. Cancer is a systemic problem that has localized.

We know through research that the supplementation of hormones can be a risk factor for breast cancer. When you supplement hormones, those hormones are subject to fermentation in a body that is out of balance, and when hormones are fermented, they produce an acid which has to be eliminated.

These acids are then stored in areas of fatty tissue and what more perfect place to put it than the breast. How can emotion or fear cause rotting processes? Biologically, it's simple. Emotions create acidity through the release of hormones that are then fermented which produces the acid. And we then start craving the foods we should basically avoid.

When someone has cancer, excess proteins are found in the urine because cells are being lysed or destroyed, and those proteins are then being thrown freely into the blood stream and then through the elimination, show up in our urine.

hmmmm very informed post that, as you prolly know...many points, nearly all, i totally agree with and have concluded the same myself through research.

yes obesity is not fat, but undigested foodstuff, surrounded by water and shunted to the tissues to protect the organs. i would also add chemicals, like deodorants, air fresheners etc etc, into that mix, which are inhaled into the body and not excreted, i.e. chemicals cause weight gain.

practically all chronic illness is a state of acidity in the tissues. i believe in healthy folk the stomach is very acid, the intestines alkaline, the colon mildly acidic, the tissues mildly alkaline, the blood very alkaline...pathogenic yeasts/moulds like the colon cos it's mildly acidic, as the tissues become acidic these yeasts migrate to become a sytemic problem. hi g.i. = fermentation...and anything that ferments degrades to an acid.

i could go on but i'd only be agreeing with you....

one place where we might depart on views is the necessity of animal protein such as meat. i think you are recommending against it, but it's one place you can't say one size fits all imo. vegetarian is great if you already have a high level of health but a poor digestion will find difficulty getting what it needs on a meat free diet. it's one of those endless debates, cos adherents don't budge....i have had cfs for 12 years and tried vegetarian and jus really couldn't do it and many i've met through forums say the same. also many books by nutritionist will back this up...

i think a small amount of meat protein from organic sources and if possible slighly aged is recommended, particularly for the infirm. if it's aged and doesn't smell bad, then the good bacteria have a hold over the bad n the ugly *whistles ennio morricone*. just like milk that contains pathogens can also ferment into sweet yoghurt.

i've been discussing ph on forums elsewhere today and also saved this link on vegetarianism and health by mercola

would you mind if i copy n pasted some of your post?


wouldn't recommend citrus to the infirm, high risk of allergy to it...also veg juices are not natural and unblalanced as they contain too much of one thing. chinese medicine warns against too much raw state as it weakens the spleen...
64 gm of protein/day is the high end for a young person.

Protein is plentifull and thoroughly nutricious in all regards.

***It's the presence of "Fats (oils)" which are thoroughly saturated with Flavor {{Ironical!!! Isn't it, that animal fat & indeed blood too when mixed with salt and herbs smell sweet when heated over a flame}}

Protein is not an issue for clean blood stream [ego good health] ---but the fact that standard diet habits of those "on the go" will typically leach-out all the minerals/Vitamins and thus, cause lack of enzymes to digest ---yet this wont stop nor satiate the hunger/food pleasure scenario that the tongue provides.

All this data about pH is in the public domain ---please distribute as best you can.

Regarding vegetarian cahge of consciousness:
a] A major "Food-texture-component" is lost when giving up meat, namely "Texture" IOW, "Chew-ability-ness" ---each food has different notable ways of desolving in the mouth.

To give up fleah is to lose-out on those chewing sensation(s) ---THEY MUST BE SUBSITUTED WITH A NON-FLESH product.

All "Soft-firm-hard-chewing-gummy-stringy-puffy-gravy" texture meat types must be substituted with a veggy scource equivilant. Any hesitency to do so ---IMO, indicates a porly organised work accumen and/or a fond affection for subjugating a critter's life, usually for the ulterior motive of expecting lustfull pursuits [or other similar mundane psycho-Emotional means of 'repose'].

b] ***To make up for the lose of "Blood/fat Grease borne flavors" Use ---simply use "Ghee" clarified butter as a taste sensation of Fat-Oils inlieu of flesh fat oils.

Thank you for the Link ---It shows that many professionals are influenced by entrenced public eating trends/traditions ---and an individual must think on their on accord to arrive at absolutes on their own recognisance.
Quackery, quackery pure and simple. It's the kind of rubbish that sells unlimited amounts of quack nostrums to the ignorant and the stupid.
"ignorant and the stupid" ---me thinks I know someone who has the patent for this formula.

As George Costanza said, "Well thank you professor"!

Acid versus Alkaline is the basis of chemistry.

One with a fish-aquarium breath is sure to have an acid-wit too.
Quackery, quackery pure and simple. It's the kind of rubbish that sells unlimited amounts of quack nostrums to the ignorant and the stupid.

why your posts so arrogant and aggressive? you seem to be looking for a rise out of folks? must be difficult being the only intelligent surrounded by out and out idiots? just love a bit of conflict and drama eh?!...i'm wondering if you're of the sick position of hateful and loving it n aint gonna stop cos it buzz you..?...fortunately i only have to listen/read you occasionally, you gotta live with that attitude...

anytime you wanna converse on a level field, i'm down...though i think that's the last thing you want?