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Food disparagement laws exist that protect the reputation of processed and industrialised food production modes of operation ---But, NOW, the City of New York in America has started a "Higher Consciousness" advert campaign to make FAT Children & Obese destined people AWARE of their self-afflicting addiction to acidifying therir bodies with "Un-processable/un-digestible/Ailment-inducing" food choices readily available at local markets throughout their metropolisis.

The goverment has now acknowledge that popular factory-made foods are 'Bad for you' --nay, "Cause angst to health insurance chartered accountants world wide; so the center of the world's cultural trends start with this public advisory adverts" ---Hurray! They have evolved in their thinking ---alas, after so many years . . . our future generations can avoid junk foods as a sign of high minded consumers.


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In conjuction with the above post here are some News Items that attest to past protests & present problems ---that should portend future trends by thoughtfull & educated folks


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Yep, that one was a shocker to me when I learned about it.

Good thing and about time things are starting to change.