The Active & Passive Principles


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The Active & Passive Principles

My perceptions and beliefs are based upon my contemplations (average 5-8 hours a day), where I become a cell of the organism mind that I am a part of, rather than an organism of cells that my body and history are a part of. I have been guided metaphysically for 9 years now, and although I can assume that what guides me is the active principle, I have never had objective confirmation of this. My present understanding is that it manifests likely via transference, similar to the relationship between a guru & disciple, where the more expanded awareness influences the lesser without the necessity of words. In my contemplations, I receive new information in the form of surfacing thoughts and ideas, which I then break down in analysis to see how it fits all my prior awareness. I think this transfer of information between the active principle and myself is as natural as it is within our physical bodies, organism to cell.

The following is an essay I am writing to express my understanding of how every thing and the minds that incarnate into form came to exist. It is purely conjecture on my part, although it is based on ideas I have received during contemplation with that which guides me. As I am prone to state, if you have issues with the concepts, do not expect to me to claim ownership of them. You will have to wait until I take up the dialogue in contemplation before I may be able to address any gaps in my own percetive process. I only offer this as a glimpse into my own ontological beliefs in the present moment, and as food for thought for anyone finding value in my assessment.

In the beginning there were two eternal, non-spacial things (for lack of a better word). They were the active and passive principle. Both existed separate from each other, and independent of each other. The two did not have contact, and were not likely even aware of each other for they did not occupy a physical location. For whatever reason, be it natural cause or a deity pushing the first domino over, the two came into contact with one another in the form of an oscillation - or vibration. This makes sense to me because neither could become part of the other, just as a man may enter a woman, he will not become part of her. In this vibratory dance the active principle entered into the passive principle, and all of form was created.

Prior to the mating of these two principles, they existed in a latent state. The active principle was potential mind, and the passive principle was potential body. Without a body, or form of some sort, mind could not be realized. Without a mind of some sort, form or a body could not be realized. It took both for the first sensual forms to be created, and we refer to that first development of the zygote to the fetus as The Big Bang and what immediately followed it. The effect of a mind having a body, and of a body having a mind is that consciousness was created. Consciousness is what happens when a body and a mind form a sensual organism out of the building blocks of matter. It began many billions of years ago with a single-cell organism.

When the active and passive principles came into a bond with each other, a natural effect manifested that we label evolution. It is the default drive that influences the child (consciousness) of the parents (active & passive principles) to become aware of its surroundings first, and eventually it Self. Evolution in our three dimensional reality has been this journey. Consciousness has expanded as more and more complex vehicles have housed it, and from that expansion, consciousness (again as a child of the original mating of active and passive principles) has become more aware of it Self and its surroundings.

Eventually it has come to recognize its surroundings as the vehicles that it evolved within. From single-cell organisms to plants to insects to birds and reptiles to mammals to humans - all these represent forms that consciousness has evolved within, and in some cases, has been unable to evolve past because of reaching a dead end of manifesting any further options. Human bodies represent the present day edge of this physical evolution, where consciousness had finally reached an awareness that it was aware. All forms that house consciousness less aware than the human will likely never expand much further than where they now exist, because without a Self awareness, consciousness is imprisoned in a child that thinks it is its body. However, as consciousness is an organism within form, the whole benefits from the expanded awareness of its parts.

I discovered the existence of the passive principle by transcendent meditation, where my awareness went what I refer to as "pre-form". I was aware in that state that all form arose from the passive principle, and awareness would not be possible without that form . That is as far back as a Self can go without losing itSelf. It is obviously, according to my own essay above, a state that still exists in a very subtle amount within the arena of form. Bearing in mind that true egoless states cannot be witnessed, because awareness requires both the mind and the body (no matter how subtle), then non-duality would be a erroneous perception. Consciousness can never be "pure" or "empty" in my understanding unless it is without the passive principle, and then there would be no Self to be aware of it. This is why I have maintained that within my personal understanding the disciples of non-duality and "pure" conscious states are entirely attached to a speculative philosophy, which according to my perceptions, cannot ever be proven.

I discovered the existence of the active principle by transcendent (or what I refer to as "waking") contemplation, where my awareness was linked beyond the cell (Self) that I am into the organism (active principle) that I was a part of. This began with some simple deductions. I knew I did not create my reality. The woods behind my home were there before I arrived, as was a bunch of billions of years' worth of other created forms. But I also knew I had some ability to create myself, and could actually (such as in the case of schizophrenics, etc) create a reality very different from my neighbor, but equally as "real" as their's. So I was a creator within a creation beyond my present abilities of creativity. And that was the day while pacing that I received my first guidance from this metaphysical source - the cell/organism symbolism. That eventually led me to perceive the body as a cell of the passive, and the mind as a cell of the active - and my awareness as an effect of both.

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