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Simple Protection

If you leave your presence out there for anyone to pollute, then you can expect a lot of mood changes and energy drains. There is an exceptionally easy method to not only protect yourself from externals, but to also exercise your boundaries, thereby shaking off the parasitic energy fleas you accumulate daily.

To pull your presence in close, and thereby not allow a negative person to invade your space, simply place thumb & pointing finger together like an "ok" gesture. If you are able to notice energy, you should immediately feel your presence pull in close (within inches) of your body.

This is great while shopping or being in any similar situation where many different energies will be contacting your's. This keeps you impenetrable to outside negativity. Obviously it would be prudent not to be "ok"ing everyone around you. Loop your thumb and index finger through a belt loop, or something as covert, and no one will know the difference.

To press your presence outward, to give it a stretch so to speak, touch all fingertips to the opposite hand's fingertips, like a steeple. If you are sensitive to energy, you should notice a push outward of your presence. Alternating between the "ok" and the "steeple" will exercise and shake off all unnecessary debris that has stuck to you.

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