Eastern Thought

I really would like to find out more about Eastern Thought in general. They have such a fascinating perception of the world that is so different from our systems in the West. I am going to follow your links now.
I'd love to see more info on ancient eastern religions. I'm not talking about just the big texts like you're doing,,,,I want to read real articles from real people explaining what it's all about, their perceptions and inferred meaning. I'd like that,,,yeah.
I'll certainly try to get a lot more done. This site has a serious amount of room to expand into, in terms of subjects to cover, and I intend to take it to the fullest possible extent that I can. There are specific texts I've still to put online here, and articles specific for each belief section is definitely something I'm gonig to look at after. The single articles section is a little messy on themes.
Namaste all...

i'd be happy to answer any questions about eastern thought that i can... realizing that my perspective is realatively limited to Chinese and Indian thought... with a liberal amount of Tibetan thrown in for good measure :)
That's a good offer, and you can be sure I'll be taking you up on it. Much appreciated. :)