islam, abraham?

Discussion in 'Islam' started by vinny, Oct 2, 2010.

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    It made perfect sense, and thanks for the explanation, May Allah grant you peace and ease with your troubles and clarity in your mind.
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    Vinny, people raised in Judeo-Christian tradition might claim that an Abrahamic religion is about family. A faithful servant of God had a covenant with the Lord and it was inherited down to his descendants. However, Islam as the religion teaches that the belief/faith in God is not dependent of family ties. Even if Jews and Christians would to deny Muslims to call Islam an Abrahamic faith, denying that Ishmael was legitimate son to inherit the covenant, God in the Qur'an states that anyone can choose to become believer and that monotheism did not start with Prophet Abraham. Abraham was just one of thousands of prophets God chose to preach the monotheistic message. Islam is Abrahamic faith too because it teaches that the Bible is the Word of God too.

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