Rare Gems

The Legend of St Christopher, is it? :)

Certainly not a wholly unfamiliar theme - would be interesting to see any background to the actual story, though, if anybody is willing.
Well Diamonds are a girl's best friend...sorry couldn't resist it!
Treasure can indeed be found because it sparkles in the sand.

being love

would be interesting to see any background to the actual story
The Christopher that I'm familiar with is the Christopher of the Catholic tradition, the saint of the legend of Offero. This Christopher was purged from the calendar in 1960 because of an almost total lack of historical evidence.

However, the Christopher of the Orthodox tradition has some historical basis, and appears to have an entirely different story. According to the orthodox Church, Christopher was a Lybian, captured in war and forced to serve in a Roman unit based in Antioch. He was baptized by the bishop Peter of Alexandria, and martyred for his faith.

His original name is given as Reprobus, which means simply "wicked." "Christopher" does mean "Bearer of Christ", but since no such story of carrying the Christ Child appears in the Orthodox account, the name may be taken as figurative: a wicked man becomes a Christian. The Catholic story of Christopher may have developed from a later attempt to read "Christ-Bearer" literally.

There appears to be some link with the Coptic St. Menas, who was a soldier martyred in a faraway place.




The Wikipedia article appears to draw heavily from the much more detailed account listed first.
Indeed, it was someone who continued using multiple aliases (personalities, even), despite being warned to only use the same alias on the boards.

But the original question was an interesting one.