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Sensual Snapshots

I take sensual snapshots all of the time when I come into contact with other people. When I was an unawakened person, I took my snapshots unconsciously from the filter of my emotions. A sensual snapshot is all of the data, in the present moment, that I record while interacting with my environment. This data used to be skewered by my automatic emotional responses.The human brain takes a sensual snapshot, and as is its nature, it compares it to other snapshots on file in order to let the dreaming witness know how it should react. So when I met a person, countless #'s of these info packets were being processed and compared, and in the milliseconds it took to do this, a reaction was suggested. This happened when I was unconsciously going through life. I was not present when I was in my brain only, because my mind was telling me what I was sensing based upon past data comparisons. My first impressions were not trustworthy whatsoever if I was not Self aware, because they were not based on the present moment.

This helped explain to me why I had sudden, inexplicable mood swings. The brain is not perfect in what data it coughs up. A person walks past a certain shade of blue table cloth and their mind picks up the data. The table (no problem), the shape of the table (no problem), and the color of the cloth (big problem). There was a man that molested them as a child who wore that same color of tee shirt. Suddenly out of nowhere comes feelings of fear, paranoia, and anxiety. I could see where this was possible, and how it might explain a lot of the mystery behind emotions that didn't seem to be correlative. I know that the brain may be holistic according to some theories and scientific data, and gets its perceptions in packets that when added together, tells a person what they are sensing. These info packets may be a correct comparison to whatever I am perceiving, but the trauma or joy or sex or anger or jealousy connected to that experience may not be.

Asleep I would not ask, but would assume. I would not sense in the present moment, but would react. I would be limited to the senses from the neck up for the most part, which operate from the nature of reactionary perception. I spent most of my sensual life limited because I was in my head. The entire body is a sensual tool, from the point of Witness outward ~ all one sense tool, with the systems to keep it healthy and reproducing. Self awareness is experiencial, rather than reactionary. When present I take a sensual snapshot of someone, and am able to penetrate beyond the walls and masks of the person, and this allows me to get a present moment picture of the person's complete state of being. It is done by "tapping" into the other person's physical being. That is where all the information is contained externally for the internal witness. It is the creative threshhold that connects the witness to the dream.

It was key for me to remember that what a person was presenting to me may not be the truth. In Self awareness I know that words can lie, but that energy cannot. It took experience in intuition to learn to trust these Self aware sensual snapshots that I took. I am borderless when Self aware, so I can tap into anyone as an action rather than a reaction. Most of my life was spent reacting when I sensed someone. I had often had the experience of being judgmental. All of the time I had first impressions from a place of unconscious awareness and took sensual snapshots of others. If on first impression I had decided that they were a threat on some level, then every time we would meet in the future I would take up where I left off.

One of the hallmarks of my unconscious sensual snapshots was that they did not allow for change. The other person may have become much more aware since my last meeting with them, but since I received my information from reaction, the last impression of them was the one that I began with. As Self aware, I now always allow for change and growth, and take new sensual snapshots on every meeting. I cannot claim that I love unconditionally unless I am present, because the brain is a tool of judging and conditions. If I am not Self aware, that would be the nature of my perceptions. As a person who is present, I should always allow for evolution.

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