Effects of Expanding Awareness (rewrite)


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Effects of Expanding Awareness

One of the first things that I notice when I make a jump in awareness, is that those around me that have shared the previous level sometimes fall away from my circle of community. This had been very common, and was a problem within my seeking when I had a problem with detachment. Old energies fall away in order to make space for new energies. The reason that family, friends, and spiritual associates may turned away from me was that they could no longer 'see' me and 'hear' me. It was perhaps because I no longer resonated with them, and a separation was necessary to welcome in new people that could resonate with me. I've witnessed that people resonate with each other when their perceptions (or scripts in some cases) are similar.

Another thing that fell away sometimes was abilities. I may have been working as a spiritual servant only to find that the methodology, and even talents faded out. I can tell you from experience that the emergent properties of expanded Self awareness are far less glamorous than spiritual awareness. The wow! factor of spiritual work was at its core very limiting to my Self awareness. Much of my service in Self awareness goes without the notice of those around me, and as my goal is to serve, and not to be served, then that began to appeal to me more and more.

When I first entered into expanding Self awareness, I immediately got a hunger for all things intellectual - be it the sciences, meditation, or contemplation. The spiritual level perceptions suddenly seemed like pabulum to me, and I wondered why I ever thought there was any value to them. Well, there certainly was value if they helped me to get where I am, but it was necessary to go where I was being internally led. When I began thirsting for knowledge, but the spiritual level ideas weren't talking to me anymore, I turned to quantum physics, systems analysis, neurophysiology & neurobiology, psychology, philosophy, etc etc etc. The experiences conducive to my growth came to me.

One of the hardest things for me to have dealt with when going through a jump in awareness was finding like minds in the area around me. It was likewise difficult to express myself clearly in expanded awareness. In an effort to not become the guy at the party who is the expert on the mating habits of the South American cave snail, I have learned when I am 'safe' to talk about 'what' I am, and when it is best to 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do'. This ability has saved me countless times from putting my foot in my mouth (although I am aware of the taste), or worse, getting me into a corner with a Fundamentalist of whatever bent.

The best way that I have found for me to deal with expanding awareness is to recognize that there is, in truth, nothing for me to 'do' - as it is what I am becoming. The best that I can do is to try to become aware of my awareness through interaction & contemplation...and when possible, treasure the times when I come into contact with someone who can 'see' and 'hear' me. I have yet to find anyone who was being guided (whether externally or internally) to Self awareness, who didn't find the whole universe supporting that expansion. Evolution is the program, or production, behind the scenes.

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