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    Does anyone do magic spells the way I do them which is as follows: I do all my spells on the computer. I open up my computer graphic program. I search on line for graphics that pertain to my spell and poems and/or lyrics as well. Then copy and paste both the clip art and poems and/or lyrics onto the document in the graphic program. Then I also put in a line that says this magic spell does not have to be printed out to work and I thank the gods/goddesses. And save it. I also recite it after saving it.

    I do it this way because I dont like using real candles, or using real props. To me it is the intent and belief in the spell. And how do we really know that a waning moon, full moon, beads, herbs really make the spell effective.

    What I am trying to say is that instead of using the actual candle, or stones, etc I create the spell.

    Here is how I do it:
    Step One: Open up the internet
    Step Two: Open up the computer graphic I am going to use
    Step Three: Go back to the internet and see if there are any poems or lyrics I can use as the words to my spell
    Step four: Copy the poem or lyric into the computer graphic
    Step Five: Go back to the internet to see what clip art pertain to my spell, a candle, rope, etc.
    Step Five: Then at the end of the spell I say "So mote it be and I thank the Gods/Goddesses and this spell work immediately"

    If I cannot find a poem or lyric I either improvise or modify a spell I found on line and incorporate the candles, etc (in graphic form) on my computer.

    The spells that are working so far:
    My cousin having a painful erection (long story). I used bananas as the clip art and every where (on TV, supermarkets the word or item is being used and shown a lot)
    A spell involving billboards (and billboards are popping up all over the place)
    A spell to stop customers from coming into four 99 cent stores.


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