Don't Seek Vicariously


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Don't Seek Vicariously

If it has not occured to you as of yet, let me say that spirituality in today's Western climate is a quagmire of attachments. Concepts & labels are tossed about unconsciously by many in the spiritual community, myself included at one time, and have lost any semblance to their original meaning. For $350 and a weekend spent in a remote bed & breakfast you can become a papered shaman. Spirituality is a multi-billion dollar annual industry. There is no one definition for any concept any more, as the competition for those dollars has ancient terminology marketed for the vicarious crowd. Enlightenment becomes any lobby level spiritual experience. A natural ability to heal others gets legitimized by a flavor of the month methodology certificate, and for quite a few dollars more you can proudly advertise yourself as a "master".

Do not attach your Self to something that is determined by others' definitions. Seek your own individual place amongst the great web of consciousness. By being present, no matter how much you may feel you are lacking in your spiritual journey, you step ahead of most people stumbling their way along the paper path. You can begin to experience what is your's, here and now. It is unfortunate that so many determine their spiritual worth by what they think, rather than recognizing that Self awareness is becoming conscious of how they think. Amassing a head full of ideas and concepts - even a lifetime's worth - is not going to produce one legitimate transcendent experience. To know the Self, you have to be the Self.

You are not your surroundings, although you may have unconsciously created some of it. You are what is looking through your eyes. Read your life and surroundings as you would a book, and edit the things that have never worked, aren't working, and never will work. Look for the punchlines in all things that it may become an adventure of humor. Don't seek vicariously. Seek to write/read a more affective book, one that either serves your Self or serves others better. You know the story you prefer to read and/or live. We are all hardwired with preferences, and those preferences are the journy's bread crumbs for knowing your Self.

The more expanded your Self awareness, the simpler it is. Always remember that. The more you have evolved, the simpler it gets. Words, ideas, relationships, and being...all become simple. Complication and confusion come from a need for the meaning of life to be much more than it really is. Just breathe. Just be comfortable in your skin. And just receive. The active principle speaks through all of itSelf, and only needs eyes and ears that are simple to awaken. Do not seek vicariously with all its trappings and yearnings. Seek the moment in all its simplicity, and come to know its beauty and potential.

The key to Self awareness may be in the understanding that the external world in its entirety, can and will communicate with you through your perceptions on whatever channel you happen to be tuned into. If you are tuned into the physical body's channel, then you will be communicated with through your appetites. At this level of communication, you are most likely never going to wake up. If you are tuned into the reaction channel, then you will be communicated with emotionally. You may never wake up from this either, as it guarantees attachments.

When you are called into Self awareness, the inward journey begins and detachments are a noticeable effect. It opens your eyes and ears to an extent that you can begin to perceive the external reality having a dialogue with the internal witness. Synchronicity takes on a new level of meaning. Relationships that are formed or broken take on a new meaning. A production behind the scenes of physical reality becomes increasingly apparent. The process speeds up as you begin to have the ability to swiftly detach from the forms that you now perceive as obsolete teachers and guides.

The process of awakening is the Self taking within what is manifesting without, and translating it into bread crumbs along a path that leads to lucidity. Before Self awareness, communication is an external, unconscious relationship where the Self receives and reacts to its environment. Once Self awareness is achieved, the relationships become characters on a theater stage, where the Self is increasingly aware that there are unconsciously created scripts involved, and a perceptual separation between the actors and the roles that are being played is attained.

Self awareness brings seemingly higher symbolism, but it is really seeing the same symbols with new eyes, and hearing the same language with new ears. Self awareness is you having a dialogue with the world, rather than a role in it. Self awareness is you consciously reading scripts, rather than living them as a reality.

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I am heartily reminded by the words of Brian the Messiah:

BRIAN: No. No, please! Please! Please listen. I've got one or two things to say.

FOLLOWERS: Tell us. Tell us both of them.

BRIAN: Look. You've got it all wrong. You don't need to follow me. You don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for yourselves. You're all individuals!

FOLLOWERS: Yes, we're all individuals!

BRIAN: You're all different!

FOLLOWERS: Yes, we are all different!

DENNIS: I'm not.

ARTHUR: Shhhh.

FOLLOWERS: Shh. Shhhh. Shhh.

BRIAN: You've all got to work it out for yourselves!

FOLLOWERS: Yes! We've got to work it out for ourselves!

BRIAN: Exactly!

FOLLOWERS: Tell us more!

BRIAN: No! That's the point! Don't let anyone tell you what to do! Otherwise-- Ow! No!


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