Why there is not one religion??????


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I sincerely hope you're not nitpicking here. I was just speaking my mind about what I regarded as important.

Why is this your hope?

It isn't a question of what a human "truly is" because you're assuming that there is a "truth" to be known about humans. Different people have a different answer to that. It is much better to trust your instincts and emotions. What stops us from hurting each other is love and respect. This is what it means to be "human" -- to love and respect others. A person who doesn't is a sociopath or psychopath.

Actually, what you list are what makes us animals. Many creatures are perfectly non-violent within their own species, quite caring and affectionate among their communities - this is not unique at all.

What makes us human is our weakness and vulnerability, our need for love and compassion and the respect that we have for other's sense of vulnerability and their need for love and compassion. It is knowing how to love yourself and by doing so, to love others.

I actually like this paragraph, although I still see faults.

That's the problem. A lot of people who think they have found the truth are sociopaths. They either forgot what it meant to be human or never knew.

So, based on your views of them, you do not wish to discover any truth for yourself?

Well, I hope we don't become sociopaths in the process of finding "truth.":eek: The truth just isn't worth finding if you lose your humanity in the process.

Of course, those with chemical issues in their brains should seek and be treated for it, but instead we would prefer to throw them in jails and forget about them.

What if I told you humanity was an illusion? It is a process of segregation which we call education.

I prefer to discover "limited truths" that have a narrower context, like reading about the history of a place, country or group and educating myself -- slowly accumulating knowledge but not thinking "this is all there is." There is always more to know. You can never know enough.

Then you will always remain limited.


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I am confused. If God is one then why are there so many religions. The main problem is not of religion but they all has different views about creation of universe/multiverse and life on Earth. Every religion has its own theory of creation of life and it looks true only if we see from that religion but if we study other religions we will find out that they also have their own theories which looks true only from their point of view. It is not possible that all are true. Please help.:confused::confused::confused:

There simply can't be one religion. Be at peace in the direction(s) you go. We are exactly as we are meant to be. Look at atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, etc... what goes on in a cell...are there patterns like this in nature...in our relations with people? Yes there are. This is all part of the grand design. Continue to fervently seek God, spiritual knowledge and wisdom all the days of your life here.

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"There simply can't be one religion."

--> There isn't. There are different kinds of people, so we need deifferent kinds of religions.