The Necronomicon: Fact or Fiction?

Lovecraft is great.

His is a nihilistic universe where morality is noexistant and gods are chaotic beasts that don't care about us.
Hmm, it's not exactly nihilistic actually. It's cosmicism, where humanity is simply just another insignificant race randomly placed somewhere in the vast cosmos. But yeah, he is great.

I'm not sure if I posted in this thread yet, but Michael Szul has an interesting opinion on the reality of the Necronomicon...And, I can't find it anymore. I think he might have taken it down. But anyway, it was basically explaining the similarities between Lovecraft's mythos with the post-Crowleyan explication of the Qlippoth as presented in Nightside of Eden. It also touched on other things, but I can't remember them...
ugh,fiction....unless you're fifteen and listening to metal alone in your black bedroom