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    Here's an announcement, for a friend: :)

    In return for submitting our forums to teh Forum-Search directory we'd like to return the favor and announce F-Network's latest site!


    Forum-Search is the first ALL forums "yahoo style" search engine and directory.

    Come find forum communities based on your interests.


    Register for an F-Network account today and begin sharing your favorite forums with the world! Or submit your very own forums link and watch your traffic rise!

    All we ask is that you follow these simple guidelines when submitting a forum URL:

    1. The URL MUST be to your forums and not your website/mainpage.

    2. It must be placed in the most appropriate category.

    3. You must announce/explain Forum-Search somewhere visible on your site, like this post. You do not have to make this announcement sticky, although if you would like to help Forum-Search succeed in helping you, pinning the thread temporarily will help even more!

    Your URL submission/s will be reviewed by the Forum-Search editors and submittied to the directory within a maximum of *48 hours!

    *Could vary depending on workloads

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