Where Am I?


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Where Am I?

By making a simple observation about your location within the dream, you can dramatically awaken to a new perception of what it means to be present. When asked "where are you located within your body at this moment?", most people, if given a little time to consider the question, and to sense their presence, would answer "the head".

In reality, you as human spend the vast majority of your time only in your head, which means you cannot know the present moment, and have surrendered any semblance of freewill. By being within the human brain, you are subject to its nature...which is to process information, compare it to past experiences, and offer up preconceived expectations based on this processing. It is the nature of the beast, and if you are identifying with the body, rather than the timeless and spaceless being that you are in reality, than the most you can hope for is to dream away this incarnation.

It is also why beginner meditators never get beyond the nightmare chatter of a mundane mind. If you are located within your head, you are perceiving from thought central, and might as well give up any hope of being free from the chatter. Try a simple little action, which will dramatically change your perceptions and abilities to just be present. Move the weight of your inner words downward through your neck and into the body's cavity. You are not your body. It houses you. You are unconsciously taught to be above the neck only because that is where the majority of your physical senses are located. Now come to the understanding that you can "be" anywhere within the body ~ your vehicle ~ that you consciously choose. So move the weight of "you" down into the body cavity.

The first thing you will notice is that the burdonsome weight lifts off of your shoulders, and your heart area expands. Now go into exploration mode, and move at will anywhere within the body you choose. This can be initiated as simply as..."feel your left foot with your mind"...you stretch your perception to include your left foot, and thus are located there, and wherever else you consciously are at. The body receives information in present moment time. Once it is sent to the brain, however, it is processed from past experiences and future expectations. If you are present within the body as a whole, you will not be subject to this past/future reference point, but will be perceiving from the present. Time, and experience, will demonstrate the truth to this statement.

The secret to effortless meditation is the simplest thing you might imagine. Begin the meditation process by moving around the inside of your body...feel your arms, feels your legs, then get down to even more specific areas...anywhere but your head. When you locate away from the brain, the chatter stops. The only reason you have chatter brain is because you are located there. Simple. Once you master the ability to be mobile within yourself, then you can expand this perception ability beyond the body, and you can learn the secret of empaths, psychics, mediums, and a host of other not so mysterious talents. As long as you are located within the brain only, then that will be your point of reference. Expand your boundaries, and enjoy the fruits of liberation from limitation.

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Hello pseudonymous:

This sounds great, I can move my centre of thought backwards to a less linguistic area of the mind, but I haven’t tried to move it out of the brain area totally – not sure how too? And I didn’t know I could. Is it a focus thing? Please elaborate…