Sufi Master of U.S Shaykh Hisham Aug04 UK Visit on VHS available now

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Dear Brian when will you make a Press Release Section. please...:(

salaams this is a link to the VHS cover of Shaykh Hisham Aug04 UK Visit on VHS available now, click on the link to see whats on the VHS
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DeenIslam is NON-PROFIT Sadaqah Group-teaching Islam through Multi-Media. Our other titles include.

·Seerah conference with Shaykh Yazdani Al-Azhari, Shaykh Sa’d Attas, Shaykh Dr Gibril Hadddad & Blessed Hair of the Sayyiduna Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

·Shaykh Abdul-‘Aziz Ahmed Fredrick- Sufi talk about Vices of the Limbs text of Imam Alawi Haddad.

·Basic Fiqh Lesson 1 and 2 – Nur-ul-Idaah by Shaykh Yazdani Al-Azhari.

·Mawlid Dhikr With Shaykh Ahmed BaBaikr Sudani, Shaykh Yazdani Al-Azhari and Muhibi-Rasul Sensation Nasheed Group.

·Hadarah Dhikr and talk of Darqawi-Shadhiliyyah Order.

·Shaykh Nazim Uzbekistan Tour

·Shaykh Nazim Various Lectures -Suhba

·Ramadhan with Shaykh Nazim

· Shaykh Nazim 2001 and Dhikr

·Shaykh Nazim Various Lectures in Cyprus -Suhba

·Shaykh Hisham Kabbani – Aug 04

·Ziyarah Tour of Prophets, Sahabahs, & Sufi Saints –Damascus, Jordan, Al-Quds

Muhammad Sajad Ali -Noshahi Qadiri-Noshahi
Hi Muhammed -

We don't have a press release section, yet, of course, but do note that even if your orgnanisation is non-profit, you are still a commercial site.

The other post I let go on account of the cirumstances - but this I can't, sorry.

Perhaps when a press release section is up then there may be an arrangement to work with - but until then, CR is not a promotional tool for any organisation, nor should it be.

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