Article in The Nation: Closing the Religion Gap

Heh, politicians will pander to any major voting.

I noticed with interest a claim that Republicans are trying to fund Nader, so as to try and water down the democrat vote again. Any truth in this? Does Nader know? Or is it just a bad-taste rumour by Democrats hoping Nader will get the hell away of the November election? :)
I hadn't heard about the Nader thing. Who knows if it's true. One thing seems certain, though ... the Democrats don't want Nader to run. I think it's fun to see him out there shaking up the entrenched 2-party system we have in the US. But then, I like gadflies ... :p

Are you kidding? The Nader thing is old news. Its definitely true, but only just. It was mostly a big joke among conservatives. If they were genuinely treating it as a plan, they wouldn't jest and boast about it. False confidence, if you ask me.

In 2000 when I wanted to keep Bush out of office everyone loved Nader and I thought he was nuts. Now everyone on either side treats him like a leper even though he has stuck to his faith in reforming (or at least protesting) the electoral system. The ABB groups have gone completely sideways. Even though Kerry like Gore before him is a watered down clone of Bush who would ultimately change nothing in American policy, the ABB have dedicated themselves to pushing Bush out simply to have their standard up the flagpole. Depressing.

Wow, I rode that wave so far off topic. LOL Sorry.

Back on topic, at the DNC a key character witness for the defense of the Holy Land Foundation gave the closing benediction and no one in the media blinked. Neither right or left wing news media. The first night I freaked thinking, surely they could've found a less radical Islamic cleric. And I felt they'd be unfairly bashed by the media. Then no one said anything and I was relieved thinking that maybe on night two they'd have a Jew or a Christian cleric. LOL Nope. Same dude. Still no comment by the public. There are moments of great surrealism in America today.