I got mail from a fortune teller today



It was stating my real name, so with curiosity ive read it all and replied it as follows :

"So what you're saing is that you are extremely pleased that you have found my my name along with my birthplacendate .. on the net, since it was passionate to prepare my reading from both an astrological and an astronomical point of view. Glad to hear that )
Regarding the clues you have given me ... As far as ive understood a very shaking event will occur in my life, between November 1 to April 16th, for 56 days. So i better sleep on the nails, and open my eyes for that special event, correct? Hmmm i wonder what it could be? What more am i going to have?
Exact date of that particular event will be given to me? In what part of life this offer will be? If i say 'no' somehow, what'll happen, no change or what? Should i simply say 'yeah!', and then what? Those are the things id like to know...
Could you reduce the price to $50? Cuz i dont know maybe ure screwin me up in the (family censure), but i only got $50 for it.?
Waiting for your reply,
Yours... Eray"

Do you believe that some people according to some kind of astronomical or astronogical readings are able to see the future? Do you think is it possible? Have you had any real life experience?

Along with the issue.. in islam we have 'genes', that are human like creatures and they have bad and good chararacters within them. They can sometimes accompany 'special human-beings' (this is said in Quran) , these creatures believed to help people in solving some problems; like making some guy/gal fall in love to you, or telling you 'how to do' and also some even have the ability to see the future. Does christianity or any other religions have that kind of creatures whose names are present in their holy books?

i get the poison, you got the remedy ;
sara frieder...?????

Sigh I don't know how this lady finds .....Us....your reply i think won't even

be read....and again and again you will emails... that your Life is about to be

changed in .....sometime 48 hours.... sometime 7days....and sometimes....

any other short duration......

Bottom LIne you will have buy the GIFT from Her...

If its someone else....then..... please ignore.....and tell us more about that email.