hello, ladies and gents.... a fine good-day to you all


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Re: About the Introductions board!

hello, ladies and gents.... a fine good-day to you all.

i'm granni. yep, a lil ol lady, lost in the wilds of north dakota....where the onliest thing slowin down that dang wind, is... gopher mounds.

i stumbled in here last night as a result of a 'google' response to my search for Apocrypha. and, walla.... thar ya were! so, i spent some time reading. and, liking what i'd read. til i hadta quit before i got keyboard face. dagnab lil thangs leave quite the imprints when yer face hits that board late at night!

i returned this afternoon, after wondering "what in the world could i possibly contribute?!"
finally, i thought...."shucks, gal. you jes never know......" so, here i am.

i was almost raised catholic. i began debating with the priest while in the 3rd grade. his admonishment to family to, "do something with that heathen child!" didn't stop my questions. by age 15, i'd realized that they and i were never going to agree, and i'd not aquiess.

years later i'd understand that my searching was very simple:
learn from your teachers, but seek what they sought. and, more so, that i was not alone in that seeking. nor in the questions not yet formed.

mysterious, you jokingly inquire as to the how of meditation.... the what and how of belief.
wal now youngun.... it's something that comes from experience. and, small steps.
there's a difference between believing and knowing.
a teenybopper believes s/he can drive a mack truck. the truck driver knows He can drive that truck. yep, thar's a difference. we learn in small steps.

others have suggested that you go to the wilds (a nature setting). that's what works for me. jes me, a forest of trees, critters, sky....... and quiet.

one of the first things i was taught was:
girl, git grounded!
ok. how?
well, think of yourself as a tree.
a tree?!
yes, a tree. feel your feet against the floor. really feel them. now think of the cells in your body.... in your legs.... in your feet.... the soles of your feet. feel them. now, whisper to them to send imaginary feelers down...... down...................down.............below that floor...... into the dirt........ deep....... deep........... down into the ground. feel that coolness. that refreshing coolness. that life sustaining nourishment that feeds all that's around you. now, feel the life of the grasses. the life of the trees around you. feel them........................................
ok. (so, i did.)
and in my imagination, i could feel the closeness of those grasses, those trees, that coolness. as if we were all standing there, side by side.
i thought, "hi, grass. hi, trees."
and felt........ welcomed.
later i would realize that the welcomed feeling is what we call.... "connectedness". and, i would later stretch my imagination to go further and further.......
til, today....
with just a thought, i am connected with all that is.

others do it differently.

another avenue you may consider would be to investigate the Native American way of being. you may learn much there also.

wal folks..... this is a more involved introduction than i'd intended. but, this thread caught my attention.

and, now.... i'll toddle on off to investigate some other threads........

Re: About the Introductions board!

Hi granni, and welcome to the forums. :)

(Btw - I took the liberty of giving your post it's own new thread on the board. :) )
Re: About the Introductions board!

oh, my! my own thread! (jes kidding)

*grinning* I, Brian, after i'd clicked 'send' on the above posting, i'd thought that mebe....jes mebe.... i shoulda put it on the intro board, but....... the other postings in response to your intro to the board was what put my thinkin cap on. so, poof! i put it there.

alexa, and brian.... thank you for the welcome. i 'preciate it.

there's much food for thought on these boards. as there always is in any religious discourse. what has consistantly stood out most in this forum is the ability of those who post to be able to disagree, but to do so with kindness. to simply discuss.
what a welcome change in a world in seeming chaos over....'religion'.

i've been seeking since being a wee sprig. time made me a lil taller, but the curiosity is as fresh as the day i ventured to ask my first question. and, hit that brick wall.

my goodness! them folks were jes downright crotchety. and, them 'sposed to be teachin 'bout love and kindness! guess they'd never understood 'bout "love thy neighbor as thyself". i figured that was their problem....they didn't love themselves, yet. and, although their hearts meant well, they jes didna know how to do it. *sigh*

and, bless yer hearts..... that doesn't happen here.

none of us were born knowing.... or, were we?