Deity: omnigoodness or omnipotence?

Discussion in 'Belief and Spirituality' started by Operacast, May 10, 2012.

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    "The proposition that God is goodness works, but only if one dispenses with the notion that God is interventionist/omnipotent."

    This fails on two counts. The first is that it is a denial of all expectations associated with the Incarnation. The second is that the growing environmental crisis, driven by an overwhelming materialism and limitations to the moral potential of our species, make a nonsense both our claims to be spiritual beings and our 'stewardship' of our planet.

    The model: " If God is indeed the latter, then too much horror happens on Earth to sustain the notion that God is goodness." is only brought into intellectual disrepute, and rightly so, as existing religious tradition has no definitive example to offer in the name of righteousness and truth.

    So there is obviously something seriously missing from the religious conception 'theology' has created in the name of tradition!
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    Satnaam(Truth is His name)

    I never learned Truth through an Abrahmic religion- I don't believe in religion.

    I learned Truth through 10 Gurus who taught Truth to masses around 500 yrs ago.

    Later on many people ignored one of His first teachings "No Hindu, No Muslim', meaning No religion- and that we're all One- and now think it's a religion.. Sikh means student- Anyone can be a student of Truth.

    Truth principles exist- Where they have not been corrupted(which is very often the case with old religions) in many faiths-

    Bhuddism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism(where they're not worshipping lustful demi-gods), contain some Truth Principles (even your faith seems to have some- where you're not talking about lucifer :) and seperating from God)which isn't possible because we're All One)).

    Truth is the Most Simple.

    Truth= Nothing.

    The reality is Nothing- but a frequency beyond which mortals can comprehend.

    How much more simple can it get? It's just a combination of the whole, heaven/hell, dark/light, devil/angel. Viewed and percieved to be apart- they're just fragments of the whole i.e duality i.e illusion.

    Percieved as One- they're Nothing/Balance. They're Truth.

    It's a psychology- psychology always exists, we've just got to find it.

    God was the 1st one to discover Truth. He still lives it to this day- he's not deluded like we are.

    Hence God is Truth.

    God bless you
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    God allows for free will. God allows for free will. God allows for free will.

    Whose will be Done?

    Just waiting for "Orders"?

    I'll sort itself out mechanically when Finds themselves in Jobe's Shoes.

    This is pure "Circular Logic" - Class 101.

    Who says so?
    Someone from the top of the food chain in the rat-race, dog-eat-dog world of bi-peds?

    Oh! When I reach the top of the food chain in the rat-race, dog-eat-dog world of bi-peds . . . I will proclaim, "take away the Human-centric" of the cosmos and replace it with a comforting sentiment.

    FYI: God is the nucleus, the Field and the Personage.
    God is eternal.
    Souls undergoing Repeated cycles of Births & Deaths since time-immemorial is the status-quo of the cosmos we are in.

    The Kingdom of God is eternal.
    Our existence and the cosmos both are temporal place of manifested-matter & Time in empty space ---the preverse reflection of the abode of God ---God's abode leaves us on terrafirma.

    We ain't in HEAVEN.

    There are rules of how to survive and how return Home back to Godhead.

    Remember the rules ... then, proceed.
    Beware of . . . regressing.
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    Dang, last week the red ants got me. Took 3 days for the swelling to go down. This week it's yellow jackets. I can't win.

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