Pictures of Beautiful Places

flowperson said:
Uhhhh..the obvious question at hand seems to be though...what happens when you "unzip" the zippers ?

I dunno. But I'll bet it would sell lots of albums. :D
If you unzip zee zips you get this... Me talking...... Well kinda.... The zip is a mental zip :D Holding in truths and other things..... Oh and the eye zip does nothing... That just represents "Out of sight out of mind"..... *nods*
Hi... this post is for all of you out there like me who would like to click together the heels of your ruby-colored shoes and go to a place so far away, so isolated and peaceful, so beautiful, so not Kansas (sorry Earl), ... just to be alone with someone that you care about and also to be engaged in useful work together. Enjoy the show !


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A few pictures from my adventures in Europe last summer.

St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague, Czech Republic (much creepier in person)

Sedlec Ossuary - Kutna Hora, Czech Republic ( a church made of bones, yes)
Neuschwanstein Castle -Bavaria (by Hohenschwangau), Ger

And for all you Socialists, a GDR mural in Dresden, Germany