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Los Angeles, California U.S.A.
Hello, my name is Phillip Hunt and I live in West Los Angeles, California USA with Charles my partner of 12 years and our two aged cats, Isabel and Oscar. We have just located here this summer from Virginia. I can't belief the weather. :cool: The climate here is like the Garden of Eden and traffic isn't that bad as long as you don't go anywhere during rush hours. We live 4 miles from Venice Beach so the Pacific keeps us cooler than you might think and the night air is chilly (60 degees F). I have been involved in Magick, Tarot and the Hermetic Qabalah for about 14 years. For many years I went to a Spiritualist church and was a medium. I have just started to study Western Geomancy. I am also very much interested in mystical Christianity. I have really enjoyed reading the CR and the interfaith forums. I look foward to learning and sharing...Phillip;)
Hi Phillip, and welcome to CR. :)

And another cat person - I think the dog lovers are now officially in a minority here. :)

Anyway, welcome aboard and make yourself comfortable. :)