Creationist Reply . challenging!

jasonparker said:
A creationist book…like a reply file to evolutionists… to tell the truth a qualified one, what do you think about the "True Natural History - II" section?
In any case jason, there should be a creator of some kind to start everything within and out of this world. The question that should take into consideration is that, if that creator(s) could come into existance without further help of anything, then one can simlpy argue that this could be applied to every living/non living being on earth, too..
Namaste all,

i've got lists of replies to the Harun Yahya material. this author is confused about a great many things in science, such as the Scientific Method, what qualifies as a scientific theory and so forth.

of course, since this author is not a scientist this is not at all surprising. this person was educated as a literatureist. i'm not clear how this would convey any ability to refute the information that biochemists, cosmologists, physists and so forth present.

i'll admit, that i first descovered the misinformation promulgated by Harun Yahya when i was reading his description of Buddhism. he so woefully misunderstands my religion that i wonder how he can keep that information on his page without feeling guilty about spreading so much misinformation.