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Chastity Crusade

An American Christian group is visiting Britain to preach sexual abstinence to teenagers. It is going to persuade them to wear a “chastity ring” on their wedding fingers. It is very difficult to find a virgin teenager in modern British society. Abstinence is the only way to stay disease and pregnant free. The group’s message would be irrelevant to most teenagers who are mature enough to lose their virginity at 14 or earlier. Silver Ring Thing is selling chastity rings for £10.00 to discourage teenagers from premarital sex.

The movement was founded in 1995 by Denny Pattyn in the United States. He calls today’s teenagers “the cesspool generation”. The UK has the second highest teenager pregnancy rate in the Western world. Over a million young Americans have already taken the Silver Ring Pledge. The British Humanist regards it the latest cranky Christian concept from America and has the full support of George W Bush with one million dollars as part of his campaign to replace sex education.

Western society is really un- interested in having sex free life before marriage. A Headmistress has condemned parents who allow their teenage daughters to wear skimpy clothes. Thousands of high street chemists are to be told they may be allowed to sell the morning-after pill without prescription to girls under 16.

Islam condemnation of permissive society is actually quite attractive to many who are concerned by the frightening growth of sexually transmitted diseases and break down of stable family structures. Muslim pupils need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers to develop Islamic Identity. The new UK independent Party Euro MP said that business should not employ women of child –bearing age. We talk about the promiscuous society that relegates sex to a self-gratifying experience and refuses to acknowledge that self-control and having only one sexual partner for life might halt STD. In Afghanistan 99.9% of teenagers are virgin. The reason is that all teenager girls leave homes wearing Afghani Burkhas. There is no mix gathering. They attend single sex schools. They marry as early as possible. If the teenager girls start wearing Afghani Burkhas or Jilbab, I am sure that they are not going to lose their virginity before marriage. The other alternative is the wearing of Jilbab. The success of chastity crusade will depend on the number of teenagers leaving homes for schools with Jilbab or Afghani Burkhas.

Iftikhar Ahmad

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Iftikhar said:
The success of chastity crusade will depend on the number of teenagers leaving homes for schools with Jilbab or Afghani Burkhas.
It is a bit spammy - but it does make for a good discussion starter.

What is disappointing, though, is to see chastity being so heavily identified to use of the Jilbab or Burkhas.

Are 99% of all Afghan women virgins? Are you sure about this?

Effectively, it is like saying that Muslim Men cannot control themselves, so the women have to be kept hidden. And if the women are not hidden away, then the men will lose all self-control and create a promisicuous society.

Else that Muslim women, in actually being able to see their own bodies, are suddenly filled with over-powering lust and cannot control themselves, thus creating a promiscuous society.

It makes the Hajib a condemnation of Islam, rather than lauds chastity.

As for the chastity program - I hear it gets funding in lieu of sex education. So the kids wear rings without even knowing what the hell they're protecting themselves from.

I guess perhaps we should also encourage the wearing of rings for girls and boys who have been taught absolutely nothing about puberty. Wouldn't that just help chastity if developing teens knew nothing about periods and sperm production?

Meanwhile the sex-driven eye-candy advertising continues in complete isolation from human perception...
Kindest Regards, Brian!

Interesting thread...

I said:
Meanwhile the sex-driven eye-candy advertising continues in complete isolation from human perception...
Advertisers use sex to sell because it works. In other words, if it didn't work, advertisers would use something else.

So the quandary...people in general are predisposed to sex, yet improper sex (however that may be socially or culturally defined) is to be discouraged. Seems to me a "have your cake and eat it too" scenario, or perhaps "between a rock and a hard place?"

I find the moral dichotomy intriguing, how so many people say one thing, and repeatedly do the opposite. Not to mention, how locked doors spark curiousity. I'm not certain how or if it applies to sex, but for some people the surest way to get them to do something, is to tell them "no, they cannot."
PersonaNonGrata said:
Anneannem* once told me about the turban problem 'Is it the women that Muhammed doesnt trust or is it the men that we have to wear headscraf?' Fatiha on your dear soul Grandmother Hatice... i hope you are happy where you are now.
Believe me, Brian that is nothing but makes men more curious about women, and discriminate both sexes so that they should never ever get on well equally.
I cant, however i am living in a muslim place, understand these muslim women & the discriminitaion they accept, and the role in the society they obey.

Why would god care about how do we look anyway?

It is just our f8cking morality that evolves within evolution i guess, ;) @ juantoo.
*Anneannem = My grandmom