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Hello to all,
I am new to your forums, I was searching the internet for some information about religions, to be more specific I was searching for information on World Religion and I have got this link. I enjoy debating about religions, and I am happy to be a member of your Discussion Forum hoping to gain more knowledge and looking forward to have some intersting discussions regarding different religions...

hello prince, i was online at this late hour, so i guess i get the honor to welcome you to cr first. and btw is that a cross, a cross that jesus was tortured upon?
while on the subject, do christians adopt the cross onto themselves to show their sorrows/gratitudes on that errmmm let me say issue? I personally think thats horrible ... ?

Thanks for the welcome.
Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins, to give us an after life. The role of Jesus Christ on the cross is very clear in Christianity. Now why do I have it as my avatar ? That's because I am proud to be a Christian, proud to be saved by Jesus. The picture of the cross is used sometime as a symbol of Christianity, as you know every religion have it's own symbol, and in our religion, the cross is the symbol since the greatest of Jesus's life is his death on the cross, showing us his love and giving us forgivness for our sins.

Note to the staff: Sorry for posting my thread twice, I clicked submit twice.
Hi Prince, and welcome to CR. :)

Feel free to join in wherever you feel most comfortable. :)