Russia rolls in Kyoto


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So, Russia has finally decided to ratify the Kyoto treaty:

However, it has to be said, how much worth does the treaty actually have? What we have now is essentially a form seriously weakened by US negotiation - despite that the US pulled out anyway.

And how much point is there in having a treaty to combat emissions and pollution when one of the world's major producer of them simply ignores it?

Is Kyoto going to be a typical case of "too little too late"?
I agree with the author of this article. Russia is looking after political benefits only. There is no way to apply in three months the practical mesures there. Russia cannot afford it.

USA will always act alone. With all the terorrists alarms and now with biometric passports this country isolates itself more and more every day. When you have to live in seclution, the perception of the outside world is atrophied. This looks more like paranoia behaviour to me. Maybe another president will be a benefit for it.

It's sad that Australia didn't sigh the treaty neither.

I'm inclined to believe it's too little and too late.