Seeing stars- major telescopes link up


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This is exciting because this is a method much spoken off that may yet yeild to us our very first glimpses of other planetary systems. At the moment, extra-solar planets can only be inferred from the rotational "wobbles" of stars. The wobble effectively describes the gravitational pulls on the star, which are interpreted as extra-solar planets. The actual pattern and size of the wobble can suggest a great deal about the actual characteristics of the extra-solar planetary systems - but it still remains an indirect method.

The idea of linking up major telescopes would be a superb way to do this - and possibly the only chance of direct terrestrial observations of extra-planatary systems.

anyway, here's the link:

Six telescopes act as one
LOL! I guess you like astrophysics then!
It would be interesting to see other planets. How close do you think we are to seeing them? And how well will we be able to see them?
Absolutely that I like the subject matter - and like I said, it's a revolution in the making for astronomy. :)

As for images of extrasolar planets, though - could be quite some time before we see those in any details. Maybe as blurred spheres, but actual real details? That's still some way off. But the revolution is only just beginning. :)