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There are only three weeks left till Halloween. Difficult to ignore it, as everywhere in our shopping centers, you'll find everything you need to prepare yourself for it. Usually, the children are the most interested in as they can get a lot of chocolates, gums and candies. The adults have fun, too, as they have the occasion to organize nice and fancy-dress parties.

This reminds me about vampires. What do you think about them ? Do you believe in their existance ? If the answer is yes, please tell me why. If the anser is no, I'm also interested to know why.

If you don't know what to say about them, please check if you have some free time the following link : and maybe you'd like to comment about it after.
Hi Brian,

Something is wrong with the link. It's like this thread split in two, one in Louge section and the other one in Science and the Universe. Can we get them together, please ?

Thanks a lot for the medical info. Does this mean you believe they exist, but you consider them as sick persons ?

The medical research explains the physical symptoms. What about those who steel the energy ? You know, the kind of exausted stade after talking with a person ?

There are a lot of legends and myths about vampires. And movies and books and even special sites on the net. Unfortunately some people believe them !
Oh - my apologies - as it was something of a read I put it in it's own thread for reference purposes, rather than dump lots of info in a discussion.
I know that some witches beleive in spiritual vampires but I guess they are not as exciting as the blood curdling type ;)
I think I'll go this halloween as a vampire...I'll be sucking on my girlfriend's neck all evening...(whoa, that coulda been dirty) :D
LOL ! Are you not afraid she could transform herself into a warewolf ? :D

Just kiding !

This reminds me I have no idea about my costume. Hmm. :confused:
A friend is having a goth wedding the night before. I've already bought my "rock boots". :)

What's a goth wedding ? I know what wedding mean, but I don't know the word goth and my dictionary doesn't have it.

Are you ready for Halloween ? I suppose with young children you have no choice ! :D

I've already seen very nice decorations outside in my corner world. I hope only this year will be warmer than last year.
Originally posted by Alexa
What's a goth wedding ? I know what wedding mean, but I don't know the word goth and my dictionary doesn't have it.
I'm not I, Brian, nor do I play him on TV, but I might be able to point your way towards sites that discuss/describe aspects of goth subculture.

If you have any more questions, I could ask an aquaintance when I get back on my feet or I could ask at a local Goth shop. :)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Thanks Phyllis. Actually I was intrigued by 'goth wedding'.

My first image was of a wedding in an old stile. As I could see in the sites you gave me, goths usually wear black chlothes. A little depressing for my taste.
Sorry - goth wedding - a few goths and long haired metal fans having a wedding ceremony. :)

I'll see if I can bring back pics. :)
I don't believe in vampires, of any kind, although I find the concept fascinating as fiction.