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Satan's origins lie in Ancient Pre-Abrahamic Paganism, not the abrahamic religions. Satan and His Demons are the original pagan gods, these beings pre-date the bible, Jesus and abrahamic religions by thousands to thousands of years.
"The Serpent Lord was Enki but in parts of Chaldea he had been called Shaitan." - Genesis of the Grail Kings by Laurence Gardner. Shaitan is arabic for Satan. In the East there is an ancient city named "Satana" where ancient Sanskrit originated from.
There was also SATA the Serpent aka Osiris in ancient Egypt:

"I am the serpent Sata whose years are infinite. I lie down dead. I am born daily. I am the serpent Sa-en-ta, the dweller in the uttermost parts of the earth[1]. I lie down in death. I am born, I become new, I renew my youth every day[2]." - Egyptian Book of the Dead, 1700+ BCE.
An ancient Egyptian reference to the sacred serpent named Sata whom "renews youth every day". This is yet another example of ancient literature containing references to the Serpent Lord Satan, just as presented in Sumeria, the Proto-Indo-European-Contintent, South America and many more. [1] "the dweller in the uttermost parts of earth" is a clear reference to the serpent that is coiled up at deepest part of our primary energy circuit, the root/base of our spine; the Kundalini serpent. [2] "I am born, I become new, I renew my youth every day". Even though geologically far apart, this is the exact same mantra of immortality "Sa Ta Na Ma". In Sanskrit, Sa means "birth", Ta means "life", "Na" means "death", "Ma" means "rebirth.


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Satan's Origin!

Satan does not exist. Satan is only a concept to illustrate the evil inclination in man. In other words, the satan concept is found in the fact when man ill-uses his Freewill in the practice of evil.


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another blast from the past, in honor of Mr Garaffa

this is a fairly short but interesting read, the only points of note I did not see, are the Jewish view of Satan (the cliff notes version as I understand to be like a prosecuting attorney), and the impact on Christianity of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy - specifically the first chapter Inferno.

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