Hello out there!


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Northern California, USA
Good day to All!

I was told about this site by a friend and I think I will stay for a while and get a feel for it here.

I would consider myself an explorer/wanderer in many things, always looking for that "perfect" feeling of comfort and joy in all that I do. One of the main areas I have been focusing/developing myself is within the game of pool or billiards. I have found that all things blocking me within the depths of my mind come out and get released by my playing after which my mind is free to create and express itself allowing me to reach higher levels of awareness which includes the mental and physical faculties. I have reached the top levels of ability in my area in tournament play and plan on topping out at the highest levels anywhere.

My other main interests have to do with discovering anything that is now hidden or unkown to us and developing those abilities that would reveal these things, then to use this wisdom to help create a better place for everyone.

I wish you all the best, my friends, and look forward to reaching new "heights" together.

All be well...

Hi Covelo, and welcome to CR. :)

And pool and billiards never sounded so good. :)