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Elizabeth May

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

That's a real name. May isn't, I made that up because of the spring connection. Sounds good.

Anyway, I'm 29 and live in Nottingham. I work as a court clerk which is real good fun and you meet really interesting people you wouldn't share a drink with normally.

I'm engaged to Andy and we're getting a little canal-side flat together very soon. For the moment he's finishing his finals at uni so I've got lots of tired feeling bored. And I'm here!

'Nuff said. Would anyone lese like to introduce themselves?
That's a good idea! This can be a general "introduce yourself" thread - for those who wish to. Good idea - and welcome aboard! :)

As for myself - aspiring novelist who places his real ideas in writing only. :)

Aged 30, British (Yorkshire), partner of 10 years and 2 young kiddies - currently 4 years and 18 months.

A number of spiritual experiences, but I explain those in my writing. :) Too hard to otherwise.

Always wanted to create a useful religious resource, so here it is - this site.