Is it true what this guy says about all religions just being about mushrooms...



And when mushrooms weren't available they would use whatever they could find that would induce similar reactions? I guess puffer fish are getting chewed up and spit out by dolphins getting high so it's possible!

EX MEDIO CENTRI is the name of the book, the index looks pretty good I'd say, you can see the index in the preview.

He says, "Nothing to do with astronomy, astrology or Deuteronomy. Justin Martyr says: "As a fount of living water from God... this Christ gushed forth!" Something so innocuous and unassuming is the single most important key to the vault of realization. Discover how nearly every dominant God or Goddess of every religion throughout history has been directly connected to fungi."


"Dorn calls the vessel the vas pellicanicum, and says that with its help the quinta essentia can be extracted from the prima materia. The anonymous author of the scholia to the 'Tractatus aureus Hermetis' says: 'This vessel is the true philosophical Pelican, and there is none other to be sought for in all the world.' It is the lapis itself and at the same time it contains the lapis; that is to say, the lapis itself is its own container. This formulation is borne out of the frequent comparison of the lapis to the egg or to the dragon which devours itself and gives birth to itself.'"

He talks about the lapis-christ parrallel and buddha and islam and almost every religion you can think of... the preview is on amazon, check out the index.
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