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Dear All

What a wonderful website and forum.

It makes my heart sing to see people honouring each other in such a beautiful way. In childhood I was brought up a Christian and Christian Spiritualist we went to both church's. Age 18 was given my first Buddha, five years ago became an ordained Essene minister. So multi-faith and inter-faith I embrace all in divine love, one planet, one people.

The last time someone asked me where I was from one of my spirit guides said just tell them you are home grown. So here goes a little fun about me.

Home Grown
Organic of course
Straight from the field
Fresh as can be
Good for us , good for the community
Good for earth and its children
An ecological sustainable alternative
To those that are profit driven
Dedicated to a healthy consciousness
That is me !

Love beyond measure

Re: About the Introductions board!

Hi Sacredstar, and welcome to CR. :)

By the way - I'll split these posts from the existing discussion, and set them up in their own thread, then people will see it more. :)
Re: Scaredstar

Dear Brian

Thank you for the welcome I am sure there is lots we will enjoy sharing.

GOD bless

Re: Scaredstar

A curious mis-spelling, but hopefully not indicative of anything personal. ;)
Re: Scaredstar

Oh My ! I appology for the mis-spelling. :eek:

Where does that "re-Scaredstar" come from ?:p
Re: Scaredstar

It's ok - Sacredstar did it in the thread title - I actually only just noticed - so I'll edit that back to normal. :)