Navy kills pregnant whale

Tragic....we are to be stewards of God's creation, not it's slaughterers. Let me offer this from the American Indian perspective:
[size=+1]Elder's Meditation of the Day - December 3[/size]
"Listen to the howl of our spiritual brother, the wolf, for how it goes with him, so it goes for the natural world." --Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders If we watch nature, we can tell a lot about what is going on in the world. The animals and the plants are great teachers. Some time ago, crops were sprayed with a poison to kill the insects. Other animals ate the insects. The small animals were eaten by the Eagles and the Wolves. We live in an interconnected system. What we do to one, we do to all. If our spiritual brothers are living in balance, chances are we humans are also living in balance.
Great Spirit, let me listen to my Earth teachers, the plants and the animals.

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Dear Bluejayway

I agree totally thank you for sharing, it does make one wonder how humanity can be so innocent and not recognise that we are ONE, the simplest things hold the most powerful and sophisicated truths, but yet man makes things so complicated. Humans do not see the obvious and the stark reality that stares us in the face. No wonder spiritual teachers down the ages have said awake from your slumber blind masters.

For sure the planet and its people are out of sync, new agers are talking about the planet coming into alignment with the galactic centre, lets hope that helps humanity to get in alignment with itself and all creation. So that the universe and its inhabitants can hum once more.

Here is a short excerpt from one of my articles.


Once upon a time Mother Earth was a planet filled with peace loving communities, they honored the feminine and the fertile and flourishing land. Over 5,000 years ago, cosmic universal law was transgressed by control through domination of the feminine principle, a pyramidal social structure was created that exists to this day. At this point humanity 'lost a part of its soul' through fragmentation we fell down from higher dimensional reality by losing connection with the female balance and our sensitivity to cyclic rhythms and the seasons that nourished us. Humanity has searched for peace, paradise and the Garden of Eden ever since.

The destruction persists, pollution, extinction of animals, fish, insects, floral species and ancient cultures. The land stripped bare of resources, through greed and desire to dominate and control nature itself, GM foods and cloning are just two examples. when we transgress cosmic law by playing with nature, mother earth usually responds with retribution, the karma of cause and effect. This is our current reality and the illusion of western civilization.

It is time for atonement, you may call yourself a Lightworker, Starseed, Spiriitual, Peaceful or Rainbow Warrior or you could even be a brave soul, an Earth Angel in disguise but you are here for a reason. Your soul wishes you to heal the three wounds and retrieve that which humanity lost through the mist of millennium's.


1. Repression of women and the feminine principle. Men also hold this repression in their energetic system due to their past life experiences and both energies also carry guilt from past lives. Science has now proved that guilt is one of the most lethal emotions that breaks down the immune system and stimulates disease.

2. The mysterious wound and the wounded individual that has harmed itself, and in doing so has harmed all sentient beings. For we are one, what we do to the self we do to others and the land of which we are all part. The ripple effect impacts on the whole universe and the planets beyond.

3. Creation of the Wasteland through the transgression of cosmic law.

The earth is ailing almost beyond repair.

Nobel Prize Winner Dr Alexis Carel 1912, warned that since the soil is the basis for all human life, our only hope for a healthy world rests on re-establishing the harmony in the soil. "So long as one feeds on food from unhealthy soil, the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself from the prisons of the body." Rudolf Steiner

Published in Paradigm Shift Magazine Issue 19 June 2004

When we love mother earth she loves us right back.

Love beyond measure