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Red Cross: Guantanamo Tactics 'Tantamount to Torture'

WASHINGTON - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has accused the U.S. military of using tactics "tantamount to torture" on prisoners at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.
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Call on the German Federal Prosecutor to Investigate Rumsfeld and Other U.S.Officials for War Crimes at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in Iraq.
Hmm...I've been thinking about this, and there several reasons I'm against the Deutsch government prosecuting good ol' Rummie...

1) If the Deutsch government is going to complain about America "policing" the world, then such an action is entirely hypocritical.

2)I am entirely against the legislation recently past by the Deutsch government which would allow them to prosecute Rumsfeld. First of all, its entirely in violation of WWII treaties. Secondly, it places American soldiers in a dangerous position. If an American soldier comes back from Iraq, the German government can arrest him for participating in "war crimes". Its unfair.

3)Think about the consequences. They would convict Rumsfeld (I'm not saying he's guilty of anything - but the Deutsch pretty much hate Americans, and would convict him regardless of guilt or innocence), then Americans would simply say 'no', keep Rummie on its home turf so that no one could arrest him, and the entire ordeal would reveal the fragile nature of the UN. Tensions would run high, everyone would be angry, and life would pretty much suck for Americans living overseas.

4)To be quite frank, I'm not fond of the UN. I feel the interests of the UN lay in the Continent, and that for the most part, it is not working to the benefit of anyone outside of Western Europe. This entire ordeal is merely a power play between the UN and America, and I can't in good faith support these underhanded attacks on American officials. If the situations were reversed, and America was trying to arrest a German official, I still would not support such an action. Its wrong.
I seem to remember there was a case in Belguim - I think it was - where they were trrying to indict Ariel Sharon. Ultimately, it's all posturing and inapplicable. Better to spend the money from the legal fees on medical equipment and supplies for treating injured Iraqi civilians, yes?