Has anybody else kept up with what is going on in Ukraine (and Romania, I think)?

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The last I heard is that the Ukrainian election results are being questioned, there is talk in Kiev and in the eastern provinces of Ukraine of cession of the eastern provinces if the pro-Western candidate wins, civil unrest fills the streets of Kiev with protesters blocking access to government buildings, and that Romania's elections may be deemed null and void, too.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The results in Romania were finally accepted, but there are no many happy about them. I presonnaly don't like the winner. Actually, I didn't like him when he was only a minister. Kinda snaky guy.

I don't know anything about the election in Ukraine.
I've been following the elections in Ukraine with much interest, and a great degree of sympathy for the "Orange Revolution." One huge concern is the degree to which Russia's Putin is interfering in the process--the more petty dictators beholden to Putin on Russia's borders, the more things in Eastern Europe will begin to look like the old Soviet empire--and the more excuse that the US will have to meddle in European affairs.
We're at a crossroads here. For the first time since the Pax Romana, and to a much greater degree, both geographicly and morally, we see the prospect of a united, peaceful, democratic Europe. An election result acceptable to the will of Ukraine's people is an essential part of that process.
I also find it interesting and ironic that President Bush has been forced to mouth platitudes about "fair elections" and break with his old buddy Putin over this issue.
I was also struck by pictures of opposition protesters holding huge banners and flags bearing images of Orthodox ikons. The element of faith at work in these peaceful protests has been unreported, to my knowledge--anyone know what the Ukranian Orthodox position is?