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Dear All

On another thread Abogado kindly brought up the subject of water which has led me to provide some links on scientific research, I have also added a biblical look at water too.

'Water of GOD'

August 2004 Edition
Coherence Effects in Water and Living Systems
by Cyril W. Smith, PhD


Objective: To review the progress the writer has made over the past five years in understanding coherence effects in water and living systems using quantum mechanical models.

Background: The implications of existing theoretical work on water are discussed.

Methods: Available techniques for the measurement of frequencies imprinted in water are described or referenced.

Results: The importance of frequency is shown in respect of the understanding of the mechanisms of homoeopathy, acupuncture and how bio-information may be stored in water and also in respect of chemical and electrical sensitivities or hypersensitivities; hypersensitivity being that degree of sensitivity which seriously interferes with normal functioning.

Conclusion: Water and living systems have macroscopic quantum properties that can give rise to a memory for frequencies, long-range effects and entanglement between separated systems.


This paper reports on the progress since my 1997 presentation to the Center for Frontier Sciences, Temple University, Philadelphia, in which I addressed the question, "Is a living system a macroscopic quantum system?" (Smith, 1998). I concluded with a summary of evidence in support of my hypothesis that the microscopic effects of quantisation of energy and momentum at the atomic level extend into the macroscopic domain showing long-range order effects outside classical physics, which are non-linear, discontinuous, and describable in terms of a wave function or order parameter. These are strong effects, but they only weakly couple to electromagnetic fields and thus the systems behave as if at a very low temperature; the vector potential appears to be the coupling pathway. The experimental evidence suggests that the important features to be looked for are:

1. Water and living systems sensitive to a single quantum of magnetic flux (2.07 fWb).

2. Living systems interacting with external electromagnetic fields so as to involve the ‘Josephson Effect’ and its conversion factor 500 MHz/µV in respect of either applied voltages or applied frequencies.

3. The ‘Aharanov-Bohm Effect’ observed through a sensitivity in water and living systems to the magnetic vector potential and its effect on the phase of the wave function.

4. Water Memory for frequencies should be a phase coherence phenomenon.

5. It should be possible to control chemical reactions both in vitro and in vivo through the interaction of the magnetic vector potential with the chemical potential.
Re: The Power of Water

I have copied all the links to do with water to this thread, so they are all in one place, I hope that is OK with admin.

Dr Emoto
Until the groundbreaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically,
changed most of what we didn't know and led to a new consciousness of Earth's most precious resource. The "messages" of water he has brought us
is here for you to share through Hado (Vibration)

Lilliana Corredor, Ph.D.
Expert in Water & Aquatic Ecosystems

more on water


Are Its Secrets the Keys to Solving Today's Most Vexing Problems?

By Jeane Manning in Atlantis Rising, No 19, 1999 (reproduced here with the kind permission of Atlantis Rising)

Our thinking apparatus runs on water. Our physical bodies are two-thirds water, so obviously its qualities can heal or harm us. We now learn that water seems to remember and later convey "information". No wonder the most dynamic frontier in science today is water research. Or is it a re-search, I wondered, after encountering researchers who: show how neuroscience tends to confirm medieval concepts situating memory, imagination and reason in water-filled cavities of the brain.
experiment with transferring, from water to us, the life-force energy chi, also called prana down through the ages, or study specially-shaped water pipes used by ancient Minoan culture in Crete; or show how the emanations from healers' hands change water. measure physical qualities of "holy water," or effects of conscious intent upon water's crystalline structure, or build prototype inventions aimed at using water as a source of energy.
Re: The Power of Water

"Water memory" is something that's come up in New Scientist - I don't remember exactly how they've dealt with it, but an interesting point they did remark upon, is that in homeopathic remedies using "water memory", the actual concentrations of solution should be so weak as to make any impact of the added ingredients negligable.

All an interesting area, though.
Dear Brian

Well it is proven to work which is why the NHS has accepted it.

Love beyond measure

This was part of a long email about Dr Hulder Clark being vindicated, I have posted this small part of it due to its relation to water.

Clark was smiling was
because of the public's reaction to her new book
Prevention of All Cancers...". This book is a
detailed analysis of cancer, its causes, the
immune system, and the means ANYONE can use, on
themselves, or others, to prevent cancer from
taking life. What is really important about
this book is that Clark identifies what is wrong
with our water supply, and why our water supply
is damaging our immune systems.