The Holy Grail redemption of the feminine



Alignment of our energies

The Holy Grail

The Grail story is one of salvation, redemption and the search for enlightenment. The numerous adventures encountered strengthen the soul light of the brave knight to succeed in the quest of healing both King and Kingdom. Uniting both male and female aspects and reinstating the lost paradise within. The first step is to heal the soveriegn, for we are the Guardians of the Grail and then by accessing our own mysterious wound, one can restore the kingdom which has become a barren wasteland due to the transgression of cosmic law. In order for the land to be fertile, and flourish naturally, there has to be a divine connection between the land and its soveriegn.

The original paradise can only be restored by the individual themselves, in this way the Grail hero can redeem the lost cause. The lost cause can be described as illness and pollution of the mind, body and soul of the individual and the environment we co-create.

The story of the Holy Grail is a multi-dimensional one, on an individual level it includes courage, pure intent, endurance, purification, living in integrity, transparency and embracing spiritual power, the purest essence of the higher feminine self. The knights had to face the void and their demons alone through spiritual independence in order to earn the right to a direct communion with God. On another level it is about healing the individual and in so doing healing mother earth. As above, so below. The goal was to achieve self-mastery, becoming master of one’s emotions, through partaking a sacred and magical journey to purify the self, but many failed in their quest because they did not ask the right questions. The Knights of King Arthur sought the divine feminine to become whole but there were few knights that had purified themselves and their lens of perception enough, to have the eyes to see and the heart to embrace the feminine within.

The legends speak of a secret passage that can assist with the holy quest, it includes synchroncity allowing natural cosmic law to flow through the surrender of control. A quest to rediscover the feminine and embrace all its hidden qualities. By restoring the feminine principle one also fertilises the soil of unity and redemption, re-establishing the realm itself.

In present day this analogy may help you to integrate this knowledge. When your human will is in control you have your hands on the wheel of the car, when you surrender your heart to GOD and align your will with GOD’s will then you don’t need the car anymore!

You freely walk in the light! You can then see the signposts, as if for the very first time, a picture emerges of that which no longer serves you, unhealthy situations drift away like the clouds leaving a blue sky, and your vision becomes sheer with clarity. When you surrender your heart and implement the wisdom of self discipline you are able to walk on the middle path directly in oneness with the source. Both feminine and masculine energies are balanced and this determines the value of the third resulting in completion of at-one-ment.

The medieval hero's knew that for them to communicate with Christ about the mysteries of the Grail, one must feel worthy to look upon his face and view beyond the veil. Unworthiness due to repression is one of the core issues that you may feel the need to heal. The seeker is given the opportunity to ask the right questions, obtain the keys to access one’s own powerful energy and discover “what ails thee?” Achievement depends on being steadfast and loyal to the task at hand, dedicated service to compassionate action for the benefit of humanity. Through endurance and passing numerous tests, manifestation of the transformational quest and Holy Grail is assured.

Love beyond measure