What do you think about spiritual life coaching?

Discussion in 'Alternative' started by katherinefarmer, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Take it from ME a patient (and a very spiritual) guy, if you have any mental disorder (depression, anxiety etc) you need to seek help from a professional person not a layperson such as a priest, mufti, rabbi, etc unless he/she has that training and certification. The Church of Scientology is walking on thin ice and they doing a grave disservice to the "dopes" who actually believe them (but mentally challenged people are often susceptible to charlatans and could be gullible due to their illness.)
    I hate the medical establishment and I am very open minded (i.e. I have tried an acupuncturist as well) who is a very well trained man and told me that I could be "fixed" with a very severe diet (maybe) but he very conscientious and would never tell me to avoid psychiatry or medication.

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    And I've been misdiagnosed by my family doctor. I don't think specifics help. Thomas.

    Sure, doctors misdiagnose all the time. They are as prone to human error as anyone. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that your doctor has a medical degree. Which is not comparing apples with apples. You would not go to a doctor who has no medical degree (I hope!). Nor would most people. But many of these same people do go to 'specialists' on issues concerning the mind who have no degree to back up their claims.

    My understanding of the discussion is those who are trained and educated to perform some service as opposed to someone who just puts up a shingle and says that they are.
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    No argument from me on that score ...

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