Trying to Find Jesus, God-Men & Mysticism

Ron Price

Mr RonPrice
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George Town Tasmania Australia

Trying to find the actual Jesus is like trying, in atomic physics, to locate a submicroscopic particle and determine its charge. The particle can not be seen directly.......history is more complex than physics...the intervention of unknown factors has to be allowed for. -Morton Smith in The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant, John Dominic Crossan, Harper San Francisco, 1992, p.xxvii.

.....the hearers require to be roused rather than instructed, in order that they may be diligent to do what they already know, and to bring their feelings into harmony with the truths they admit, greater vigour of speech is needed. -St. Augustine, On Christian Doctrine, quoted in "The Literature of Interpretation", World Order, Vol.7, No.2, p.12.

.....readers of this prose-poem will find that I believe Christ has returned. On that provocative note I submit the following poem inspired by what for me is a very real--reality.-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, July 1st, 2004.

We’ve got a picture of this new God-man,

thanks to our sharpened perception,

the unequaled significance of that exegisis,

that grand design, that crucible of interpretation,

that superlative power of definition,

tending to establish a reign of love,

beyond the snares and pitfalls of obscurity

and that plurality of meanings

that leads to inevitable fragmentation

which is the theological world we live in.

Directing and guiding, forging,

through our transformation,

a new community,

building an instrument,

not just sheer argument,

no special pride of authorship,

oriented to action,

evolving with his community,

expounding knowledge,

arousing response,

heightening horizons,

intensifying visions,

giving meaning to history

and the future

with a masterly grasp

of a rich vocabulary

like some distillation of ancient

classical virtues, crackling for us--

and them.

Ron Price

23 December 1996