The Tree of Life


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The symbol of the tree came up on the symbol thread which prompted me to post this piece.

The Tree of Life

Pure intent is imperative so be careful what you wish for.
The mind can create the most amazing things, but it is the soul that has our best interests at heart.
The soul works through the heart of feeling, which is very different to emotion.
The sea of emotion can be calm or stormy, but the soul moves like a tree, sensing and feeling its surroundings.
Just being a tree. it grows and prospers, with the energy of the universe a true sentient being.

Receiving the energy of the sun and refreshment from the rain,
roots growing firm and strong. The tree is clearly the way to be
at one with Brahman

When I was inspired to write the above, I saw the tree blossoming and full of fruit. The leaves were so green and healthy, and the tree looked so happy.

Early this morning I was shown a vision of the tree and the reality is, that the tree is sad and dying. Its fruits have been plundered and its leaves stripped bare. I asked why I was being shown this tree, and I was told that this is the state of humanity and mother earth.

In raping Mother Earth of all of her natural resources, we have raped her soul and our own. We have raped each other's souls including the children. So, due to this transgression of the natural laws of the universe, both the soul of Mother Earth and its people are dying.

Earth activists are losing hope; frogs that have lived on mother earth for 200 million years, those that survived every earth change during that time, are dying mysteriously and Human souls are leaving the planet in large numbers due to their lost hope.

There is no separation between us and Mother Earth, we are one in Universal Natural Law. So, now there is only one thing that we can hope for, that we take this vision very seriously indeed and unite together against the forces of destruction, the forces that oppose the very soul of humanity, before it is too late.

Love heals the world but it is compassionate action that changes it. GOD's children, hand in hand, side by side in the front line, helping and supporting each other can make these changes.

If this is achieved then Spring can come and there will be a rebirth and regeneration of all things. The choice is yours but there is little time left to make the shift.

Unconditional love does not mean that you allow someone to trample all over your soul, otherwise there is nothing left but feeling bereft. The soul is yours and not to be laid at anyone else's feet, so that they can trample upon it. The branches are breaking on the tree of life, due to the loss of the soul of humanity. This loss of soul is due to its own selfishness, living in denial of the truth and the evidence of our own experience.

It is time to live in integrity, stand up and be counted.

Take action now beloved ones........there is no time to lose.

Zealous compassionate action is essential for our survival. It is time to take responsibility for what mankind has co-created. Step not into fear, but allow GOD’s will-to-good, to be compelled by love into compassionate action. Let it flow through your hearts to the soul of humanity and Mother Earth.
She needs you and so do you, can you rise to the challenge and save the tree?

Published 22 October 2004

Love beyond measure

I have just come across a book called 'The Tree is Dying' which was the original title for the above vision.

Why are the trees dying? The reasons are many and varied. In New England, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky it's a combination of acid rain and clear cuts. In California, it's killer smog. In Arizona, New Mexico and elsewhere it's excessive ultraviolet light filtering through the earth's damaged ozone shield. In other places, it's pesticides, or toxic heavy metals released by burning coal and oil. In Alaska and Florida, it's rising temperatures and rising sea levels from global warming. In Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state, it's destructive forestry practices (clear-cut logging, and fire suppression) that leave forests weakened, unable to withstand extremes of weather or attacks by insects or funguses.

In most places, in truth, it's probably various combinations of all these factors. Scientists are playing catch-up now, conducting studies that may explain the complicated causes of widespread tree death. But when we postpone action until the scientists have described the problems completely, we get the answers too late to do any good.