Baha'i Holy Day July 9th - 10th Martyrdom of the Bab


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Baha'is around the planet will be observing a Holy Day on which work and school will be suspended... in commemoration of the Martyrdom of the Bab which took place in a barracks square in Tabriz Iran. After a court hearing and the agreement of the ecclesiastical leaders the Bab and a follower were strung up on a column in a barracks square in Tabriz... An Armenian battalion of soldiers fired muskets and when the smoke from the muskets cleared the Bab had vanished.. His follower was standing unhurt.. The robes that had suspended them were severed. Eventually the Bab was found in a cell nearby finishing a conversation He was having with another follower... Another battalion was called up to fire on the Bab and His disciple... this time the execution occurred.

Baha'is abstain from work and school from sunset to sunset for the day and gather for prayers and fellowship.

A program drawn up by David Marrick has the background and the historical events of that day in 1850. The program can be accessed at of the Bab.htm
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From the Bahai World Centre, July 6, 2015.
This November will witness the first universal observance of the Twin Holy Birthdays of the Bab and Baha’u’llah according to the Badi` calendar. In anticipation of this special occasion, the Universal House of Justice is pleased to present you with three Tablets from the forthcoming volume Days of Remembrance...."
Oh my was I confused.... I read and reread.... on july 9th is the 10th martyrdom of the Bab? Did he have 9 lives? took me a while to get it...
A Baha'i day begins at sunset and ends sunset the next day so the Holy Day began at sunset July 9th and ends July 10th. Baha'is usually hold an observance at noon because that's believed to be the approximate time He was martyred.

There may be some variations of the observance depending on the community and
there was a slight variation this year as our new calendar is effective...

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