Oct 17, 2005
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April 15
a figment of your imagination
? darn good question

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    1. wil
    2. wil
      I mean...just why not?
    3. Ahanu
      Thanks for the link about Native Americans and gender! Very interesting!
      1. wil likes this.
    4. juantoo3
      greetings, wil!
      1. wil
        Greetings to you... I always feel smarter when you aren't around... And regularly scratch my head when you expound.,. Always thankful for the stretch...
        Sep 14, 2015
      2. juantoo3
        I do what I can... :D
        Sep 19, 2015
    5. Paradoxe
      Hello wil how are you my friend ?
    6. waggindraggin
      Hi, Wil.
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      2. waggindraggin
        Thank you. So...are you still the same guy?
        Jun 5, 2015
      3. wil
        am I still the same guy.... I suppose....but then again you can't step in the same river twice
        Jun 13, 2015
      4. waggindraggin
        Good quote!
        Jun 14, 2015
    7. wil
      in my opinion, only my thoughts, your mileage may vary
    8. wil
      My dove is flying again... tis a sign, Peace on Earth, goodwill towards all!
    9. wil
      The light of God surrounds us; love of God enfolds us; power of God protects us; presence of God watches over us; Wherever we are, God is!
    10. wil
      When I was 16, I KNEW EVERYTHING, dad was dumb as a box of rocks, 10 years later I don't know how he got so wise and I got so stupid
    11. Devils' Advocate
      Devils' Advocate
      Why thanks! Appreciated. We do what we can, right?
    12. Asiza
      Oh, right. Yeah, I used to go to one with my mom-in-law years ago.
    13. Asiza
      Yeah, I have lib. Quackery, now that I think about it. I love Buddhism but as a code of conduct, means of growth. I don't do the demi-god well. What is UU?
    14. wil
      I just saw your question in Judaism.... 100% reformed Jew...interesting...I usually get high on liberal Quaker and UU...and Buddhism...
    15. Asiza
      Yes, I have luv. I think I got reformed Jew as my number 1 with 100% match. The other two I think I put on my intro thread, if I remember right. I'd have to revisit it to know. Why do you ask?
    16. Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
      Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
      Your profile page needs :kitty:s.

      Consider it pounced. *evilgrin*

      Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    17. Namaste Jesus
      Namaste Jesus
      Happy Birthday old timer, we're nearly the same age!
    18. wil
      been offline.... Nick...I don't recall it. Allen, only the owner is a mod... you may post links or request folks contact you for further discussion... we get along well with conversation here...conversion not so much.
    19. Nick the Pilot
      Nick the Pilot
      Hey Wil, I remember some time back you posted a link to a story about a psychologist who was doing some research on weak personalities and strong personalities. Please send me that link, I'd like to read that again

      -Nick the Pilot
    20. AllenPapapetrou
      Hi wil,
      I recently joined the interfaith forum. As a moderator on other forums I'm very aware of Rules and enforcing them. A lot of what I write will come from my two published books available from Amazon or me directly.

      I'm here to learn, to discover my "boxes" and go beyond them. In this process I will be drawing from my thoughts, feelings, and my published and unpublished writings.

      I anticipate some people might want to know where they can get some of my writings.

      May I post the following topic in Introductions forum:
      Subject: Allen's Writings
      If you are interested in my unpublished writings, please contact me by private message or email.

      If you are interested in my published writings, please do an Amazon search on my full name: "George Allen Papapetrou".
      Aloha.. Allen

      Is the above acceptable in the Introductions forum? If not, then what would you suggest?

      I could, yet prefer not to, post links to my websites.
      Thanks.. Allen
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    April 15
    a figment of your imagination
    ? darn good question
    Just an old hippie, tryin real hard to adjust.

    exploration of inner and outer space