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This is my introduction.
My name is Kaspar like from the bible except spelt in the way the persians did I think. There so much I could say about me but i'll say the stuff thats important. I like music because it is so interesting that is mainly Classical, Reggae, Drum&Bass, Jungle, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Scottish Folk, Early Music, Soul and last but not least FUNK. I play the recorder, the Bassoon, the Saxophone, the congos and the steel pans (that is from Trinidad and Tobago). I have an obsession with questioning things not that i'm rude.

I go to Stoke Newington School in Hackney, in London, in England, In Europe on Earth. I don't consider myself a practising Jew, Christian, Muslim, Bhuddist, Sikh, Hindu, Confucianist or communist. I like being specific because otherwise people make assumptions. I hate assumptions from personal experience of finding that they never ever teach you anything except how to narrow your perspective. I'm interested in maths and anything that can be disscussed. I'm not to hot on reading lots and lots of writing like your doing now unless its really interesting like this is.

The reason i'm giving such personal details is because I have read from this website for about 3 months now. And FINALLY I trust it. I'm counting on your Brian. ;) Anyway feel free to ask me a question as if I was some top Celebrity even though Im not...just for jokes.

I've spread my name around quite alot because the one thing I believe above everything else that I hold as a truth until the day I die is that One Should Lead By Example The ironic thing is however hard I believe my questioning obsession makes me say "actually" "hold on a mo" That can sound really not what I mean. I'm not the next messiah and i'm not trying to lead people anywhere which sort of destroys the whole point of that statement.

For anyone studying english that is called a continous monologue and normally when you see one it'll be very confusing.

P.S. I'm only 15 years old on March 6 2004
Hi Kaspar, and...er, welcome to the introductions board. :)

Glad you feel more comfortable here now. :)
Dear Kaspar

Welcome to the forum, a most impressive young man you are too!

Love beyond measure

Nice to meet you, Kaspar and welcome to CR ! :)

As I could see we share almost the same kind of music. I cannot say the same thing about maths. That one works like a sleep pill for me. :D

Hmm. Are you sure about the jokes ? My cat has a question for you :

"Do you like to laugh ?"


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My Duck says

"good day to you too"


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