York Dungeons - Santa the Devil


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Dear Brian

This was posted on another forum.

"I don't know if you have seen this or have heard what is going on in York dungeons. Well what they are doing is letting kids /children in, Santa is going to be the devil, the elves are speaed and the gifts are decapitated fingers etc. At the end you can sign a betrothol to sign your soul to the devil!!" I cant believe this is happening, there are some people out there who will do this of course and take their kids to see these terrible things"

I can't believe this.......but it is true.

Love beyond measure

Seems like nothing extraordinary to me.... Just another way to make money off of bored, ridiculously bored, people.
Tacky horror shtick. Should probably delight the 8-10 year olds for grossness and the teens for just plain wierdness. I would expect no less from the folks that brought us the London Dungeon. I hadn't known they'd expanded north - I'll have to plan to see it next time I'm over, just for sheer tacky tourist silliness.
Is it true? I don't know - the real shame is that I was planning to take the family to York one weekend before Christmas, do a little shopping, visit the Jorvik Center (finally!), and see the York Christmas lights. Too little time and all spent up, now, though. :)
Switch to Eastern Orthodox Christmas. That will give you close to two weeks extra (forgotten the exact difference, since it hasn't been an issue around me for a few years - used to know since I lived in a very Ukranian neighborhood, and the local after-christmas sales would wait until after then to kick in...)
Originally posted by brucegdc
That will give you close to two weeks extra (forgotten the exact difference,
I believe it's January 6th, but I could easily find out Tuesday (sometimes it pays to be a student. :D :cool: )

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Now I've had 10 seconds to web search, I have the exact date, and you are, of course, correct, Phyllis - 6 January - 12 days after the "regular" one. (hmm - end of the 12 days of Christmas, perhaps?). Just shy of a fortnight to get more shopping done.
Maybe York City Council will take up that suggestion. :)