What is your view of the NV



Dear All

What is your view on the new translation (NV) of the bible?

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I don't care for any of the new translations because the language is not memorable. I've studied the errors of KJV and they are largely insignificant (the voice of the turtle versus the voice of the turtle dove and so forth) but up to the point where the revised translations were accepted as standard in mainline churches, the language of the Bible was well know in culture as well as among the faithful and provided a common language that was understood in and out of the church, between denominations and between generations. For example: upon their reaching a door at the same time and Clare Luce commenting "age before beauty," the wit of Dorothy Parker's famous retort "and pearls before swine" would be lost in contemporary culture. Also a Baptist knowing the same language as a Methodist, Presbyterian or Anglican or Pentecostal has been lost. Further, the common Scriptural language between grandparents and grandchildren has been lost and this, I think, is worst of all. When I was growing up, someone could say "I will lift mine eyes up unto the hills" and anyone, churchy or not, would know that the rest of it is "whence cometh my help." So, by and large, I think the acceptance of the low language of the translations has been damaging.
I have been using the KJV for about 40 years. I am not going to try and learn new bibles all the time. I have some and have read other versions but they dont have the power I am used to. Though some new translations are fine for just reading but when it comes to a topic study I am content with the KJV. The big picture is never going to change no matter how much they try to change it or how many bibles we use.

NIV is kind of like reading a Novel and a bit smoother.

I have other thoughts on it, but it is not really for me to say.

I mean,:confused: how many versions in English do we really need of the same book.